Leather and Snow

There is nothing quite like prancing about in the snow in patent leather boots and your skives! No one said I had to make these realistic and so I am saying it’s warm snow! I feel rusty on my blogging I have been doing challenges and my holiday posts… Well back into the groove I will be soon. This is technically my first post of the new year and what a different one we find her ein our virtual world as sims are leaving.

I have also been a little lax in my blogger duties as far as I received this coat from Shiki forever ago and I am just now getting around to showing it off. I have told you all before I am very fond of men’s wear. I hear many complain there is nothing good out there for men but there is in my book. This leather winter coat with collar fur is a perfect example. It has a nice leather texture, not overly realistic but not on the opposite side of not being enough. It has sculpted cuffs and everything is easily modifiable to fit a female av. It can be very easily dressed up or down; as you can see here I am making it much the focal point. 

One thing I would like to see is perhaps adding some buttons to the sleeve prims since they are such a predominant feature to the front of the coat. I will also say the the prim for the waist is not difficult at all to size or position since it is but a single prim but sculpts seem to be taking over and I would love to see this stiff prim replaced with a sculpted one, It would add a nice softness to the overall and perhaps even adding a coat puffer so that it is not quite so sleek and to the body.

For my lower half I am donning part of a  sexy lingerie set from Blacklace. And of course the gorgeous boots from Bax Coen finish off this sexy snow leather look. Lastly I used poses from Boudoir Rouge. Codebastard Redgrave has outdone herself in the sexy sets she has created. Such a shame I was out on that hillside alone! They worked perfectly with the overall lingerie effect of the outfit. This is a terribly short post but I am not wearing a very much! So I am off to roll around in the snow and see if I can attract some attention from the ski patrol!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bead Earrings from Diamonde
Jacket – Black Leather Jacket Tokyo from Shiki
Lingerie – Dark Lust panties, garters, and fishnets from Blacklace
Color change garter 3 with Fexi ribbons set to back and crimson from Digital Dragon Designs
Shoes –  Black Patent Boot from Bax Coen

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