A is for Apple and So On and So On

I have been wanting to do this forever. Then Stacie came on board back in July I thought that we would get around to it, we talked about it, we got busy yada yada, you know how it goes. But we are finally gonna do it….it you ask? We are gonna do the alphabet. Here is the general idea, each post will focus on the letter. Everything worn will be from a designer that has a store starting with that letter. We could have said the clothing item needs to start with that letter but we wanted our sanity to remain intact. We are also trying to delve into our massive inventories and see what we can come up with without really having to shop for things. So we are collaboratively giving you ‘A’ today. We have split the rest of the letters up so you will just have to keep your eyes peeled for each letter!

For my look I knew there was one store I wanted to stay out of because Stacie is a nut for it (I was so right she showed up in it) I had everything in my inventory aside from the coat and shirt but they were all least sale items so only put me back 150 clams! I am also head to toe A (hair and skin too but you will have to guess on those) The coat is Aoharu and on sale at the Creator Pavilion winter sale. The coats that have come out of Aoharu for this winter have all been wonderful. This sassy red leather bomber is wonderfully done as well, great details, I have a thing for buckles. Under that I am wearing a shirt from ARAI, another Creators Pavilion find. it was easy enough to copy the collar and attach it to another point so I could wear it with the jacket. I do so love when that is an option.

I had bought my pants from Armidi for another look and they are working perfectly here. The tight look was lending well to the coat and top. I slipped into shoe from Asri Flacone Original’s. They are little sculpted things of love and let me mention there is a color combination for just about everything under the sun! As I was looking at things I noticed I was on my way to a bad girl look so I added my studded belt with hip chair from Artilleri. I got this belt so long ago but it is still one of my favorite as the quality more than speaks for itself here! Lastly I added some shaded from Argrace cause no bad girl is complete without them.

When Cerrie presented this challenge to me, I knew it would be lots of fun but definitely difficult.  However, I’m taking it as a perfect opportunity to keep one of my New Year’s Resolutions and utilize more of my inventory.  That being said, I am proud to report that all of the items I am wearing today were floating around in my inventory, with the sole exception being the boots. When I think about the “A” designers, there are a few that immediately come to mind.  AOHARU is a big staple in my inventory, so I knew I had to include it.  Also, I immediately thought of the wonderful textures used at Aitui and some really awesome jeans I had from ARGRACE.  So, I dug through my inventory and happened to find a few things which work extremely well together.

I started with these fantastic jeans from Argrace.  I absolutely love the way they fit, with a very flattering bum, and I couldn’t wait to wear them!  These are some bumtastic jeans for sure!  I love the texture, and they have some really great prim attachments, which unfortunately I couldn’t wear for this particular outfit, but are definitely worth another look! I have been wanting to showcase this awesome vest from Aoharu for quite awhile, but I couldn’t seem to find the right pieces to go with it.  So, I have been holding on to it.  Well, this was the perfect opportunity to use it, so I went for it!  I knew I could find the perfect complements to the vest somewhere in my inventory, so I pulled out this gorgeous V-neck sweater from Aituiin a lovely purple shade.  It is a bit lowcut in the front, so I needed something to go underneath it.  Well, I just so happened to find this adorable grey tee, again from Aitui, and it works perfectly with the sweater and vest, adding splashes of both pink and purple to the ensemble.

The last challenge was shoes, and I had to head out to purchase them because I couldn’t find anything suitable enough in my inventory.  I immediately thought of the adorable knit boots at Aoharu Walk and headed over there in search of the perfect ones.  I found these gorgeous knit boots in the same baby pink hue as the vest, and I think they work really well with the look.  All in all, I think this turned out A-OK!

Wearing ~

Sunglasses -“Groovy” Brown from  ARGlasses (Argrace) limited gift
Earrings -Full Circle Platinum Earring from  Ame True
Top – Work wear black  from ARAI
Jacket – BT_RidersJacket_Red from Aoharu
Belt – Pyramid stud belt *small* from Artilleri
Pants – Kogo Skinny Pants in Egg Shell from  Armidi Limited
Shoes – Daisy Elegance from  Sole (Asri Falcone Originals)

Stacie ~
Vest –  MoutonVest in BabyPink from AOHARU BT
Sweater – Henley in Purple Mint from Aitui Her
Tee – Flowering Skies in Grey from Aitui Her
Jeans – Lady’s Boots Cut Denim (part of 3way denim pack) from Argrace
Boots: KnitBoots in BabyPink from  AOHARU WALK

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