C is for…Chrysalis

Cerrie craftily creates creditable crap! Or maybe not crap but I couldn’t think of a good word to end the sentence. Today is ‘C’. ‘C’ is for Cerrie and Christmas and Chrysalis. And unless you have been under a rock you have seen this dress!

Dear blogmate Stacie bought me this gorgeous dress for Christmas and I think there is no better time to show it off than today! The dress was created specifically for Magic at Black Swan by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai. This is dress is more than clothing it surely is a piece of art. I don’t even know what to say about it. All hand painted. The system pieces have swirls and flower cutout and giving daring stretches of skin. There are 3 included skirts and I’m not entirely sure they should be worn together but that is what I have done, (I have on two). I also made the outer petal layer 0 transparency as is was causing some serious flicker with the underskirt.

The shoulder piece is a wild tangle of twist and petals. I like that the colors mirrors and accent those in the petal skirt. The dress is a visual dynamo so I really needed to keep the accessories simple and the simplest hair I could think of of was Coif. I thought this was the perfect do as it has little curlicues in the massive braid bun that echo the shoulder piece of the dress. I also like it for the weight it gives the top half of my body. I did have to do quite a bit of adjusting of the shoulder piece not just because of the hair but it was pretty embedded in my head so just a word that you may find you need to do this. Take your time and move in small increments. For jewelry I went very minimalist and chose diamond studs from Cailyn’s. Even though they bling it’s few and far between but I really like the small size. I have other solitaire earrings and I have decided it’s not all bigger is always better. They also have a nice soft texture and are not too over the top bright. 

A plain satin pump from Celestial Studios finishes everything off . I am also wearing a Celestial Studios skin from way back when I first started SL. Starley’s skins will always be beautiful. And the only item not a ‘C’ is my eyes but I felt the ultra black shiny eye just added something dark and exotic to the whole look.  Thank you a heap Stacie for my lovely Christmas present!! Can’t tell ya how much it meant to me. :) I have ‘D’ tomorrow…D is for….?

Wearing ~

Hair – Disco Goddess from COIF
Earrings – Diamond Stud Earrings from Cailyn’s
Outfit – The Chrysalis Gown – Winter Magic from Casa del Shai (only available at Black Swan)
Shoes – Black Pumps from Celestial Studios

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