D is for…”Daily” Grind

I’m having fun with these letters let me tell ya! Today’s outfit feels very work appropriate to me, I like dressing for work. There was a line in a movie about how a woman was dressed; the man was impressed with her outfit and said “you’re the first woman I’ve seen at one of the things that dresses like a woman, not like a woman thinks a man would dress if he was a woman.” She just happened to be in a knock out dress, but I think this is very true, woman do tend to dress the man part in corporate life.

 This look really is no different but it certainly has a female influence. I bought these pants from DeLa in a very weak moment. I love tweeds, they are so sturdy and make me think of all my Great Uncles friends when I was little and went to church. These pants just elongate the leg perfectly and hug to your body in all the right places and I love the little detailed buttons on the waist (the shirt is of course covering them). The top is one I picked up eons ago at Devilish Cupcake. I like when you are given the option of wearing pieces or all of them in a single layer, Last Call did this as well. I chose to wear this shirt and top combo as a jacket layer so it would hang over my pants. Vests are fun and this has a great front and back texture. Pinstripes are classic and the low daring cut paired with the open shirt adds some sex appeal to the work day. The back texture is a silver paisley and you can literally see the shine as there is great highlighting and shading work going on here. 

I mentioned the nice open neckline and since I am a woman, and I like the occasional appreciative look, that I would wear a nice necklace to draw a few more eyes. Mouse Mimstrobell of DarkMouse sent me a few pieces to feature (I’m sorry Mouse, I’m so behind!) I pulled out this great vintage set and loved the floral look of this necklace, I have on the earrings too but the hair was not good for seeing them, they are adorable though. The necklace is the perfect length and size, it’s a scalloped flower with a large princess cut center stone on a chain necklace. It comes in both silver and gold. Mouse is very good about making sets of jewelry, I have mentioned this of her before. I did tint the center stone a deep pink. It’s nice that the pieces are mod and because of that I will get much more wear out of them. I also put on a bangle set from DM that adds playful textures.

Lastly I have on shiny red metallic stilettos from Detour. I love the shine on these and the pointy toe in my opinion is just such a big girl shoe. I don’t know why I feel that way, maybe cause I can’t wear them in RL and I admire a woman who can and can actually walk in them! LOL The color of the shoe was the determining factor of the tint I threw on the necklace stone, I do like a little tie tie, matchy matchy. My hair and skin are also in D’s. Skin is a long ago gift from Dutch Touch and the hair is from Dernier Cri. You will see ‘E’ from me tomorrow…what could ‘E’ be?

Wearing ~

Earrings & Necklace – Speakeasy Set from DarkMouse
Top – Beverly Vest-silver by Devilish Cupcake
Bangle – Retro Stripe Bangles from DarkMouse
Pants – Trouser “Katherine” Brown from =DeLa*=
Shoers -Glamour Metallic Pumps in Red from Detour

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