E is for…Eclectic

It’s amazing the random places you find that are rez capable. As Stacie said in her ‘B’ post, I really thought it was going to be a difficult process to get looks put together, funny how it is really just falling into place! it had actually been really fun getting into my inventory and seeing what I can come up with. You really should try this! I have a few of the most well known E’s today, so let’s get to it.

The very first item I hauled from my inventory was the black and white stripe sweater from Elephant Outfitters. I’m a sucker for a big bold stripe and this has nice little details at the boat neckline (which of course you can’t see). I also put on capri pants from when very first found Elephant…way before they were part of Armidi’s group. And even though they are all system i don’t feel I am losing anything. The rip in the thigh is clear and as I have said with prim bits so many times there is no color variation between the outside and inside pant color. It’s very clear here that was taken into account.

To add to that I slipped into a tight black dress from Emery, which also has nice leather accents on the straps but is hard to see, but you do get the overall quality just at sight. The challenge here was that the jeans didn’t offer me a underwear layer so I couldn’t wear the dress glitch pants.What I did was wear the jacket layer and stretched the skirt making piece so that my inner thighs were covered. At points when I walk or due to my AO you can see there is no black glitch but here is my thinking…quit looking at my crotch! Problem solved! I mixed in grey socks from another Emery outfit and threw on a red and black plaid scarf while I was at it. I have two of those on actually as it was a little sparse and I was looking for something a little more thick. I simply copied one used the built in sizer and dropped it by 40 an tilted it so it wrapped my neck better.

I of course not leave out the Queen Bee of all E’s, ETD. Hair of course as are the wellies in the fun star pattern. I tinted the boot body to tie it a little closer to the scarf since they are fairly light normally. That really showed me how the boots are made! Clever is all I can say, pick up a pair and take a look. For my jewelry I put on dainty silver and jasper earrings from Earthstones as well as an onyx beed bracelet and some steel bangles from Ephemeral Creations. Oh and not a normal skin for me as this takes smokey eyes to new places but I am wearing skin Eat Rice . The eye makeup is an impressionistic mix of colors and is really something close up. Oh and for grins my actual eyes is an Earthstones freebie Stoned Eyes in turquoise, still available in store! Stacie is up tomorrow, can’t wait to see what she has! have a great weekend everyone!

Wearing ~

Eyes – Stoned Eyes in Turquoise from EarthStones
Skin – Wilted Dark Dirt from Eat Rice!
Earrings – Jasper and Onyx from EarthStones
Scarf – Scarf Plaid Red from Emery
Top – Sailor Striped Sweater – Black/White from Elephant Outfitters
Dress – The Ponytail Parade from Emery
Bracelt (left) – Bead Bracelet – Onyx from EarthStones
Bangles – Jangle Bangle Bracelets in steel from Ephemeral Creations
Jeans – Torn Capri Jeans – Dark Wash from Elephant Outfitters
Socks – Dress Rock & Glam #4 grey socks from Emery
Shoes – Rain Boots (Red Stars) from ETD Shoes

Photos taken at Akeyo

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