H is for…Household

I’m having a terrible case of “What to write, what to write” today. We are 8 letters into the alphabet and “H’ is on the hot spot. I find myself thinking of words that begin with the letter and I immediately thought of Pump Up The Volume with Christian Slater…Happy Harry….. I digress, we’re talking fashion here not about Harry’s nethers.

This was not an easy letter for me at all. I had a whole look together and a I was looking at it I decided I hated it, scrapped the whole thing and started over. That included a massive search for stores that I hadn’t been to and didn’t have on my list because I was not happy with anything that was on my list. This search was intensive, it’s hard to search for something when you have no clue what you are looking for. Finally I found a shop that not only had cute clothes but was a place I had never been. Heartattack & Vine is a tiny little shop with some very cute little mini dresses with quite a few patterns and as I was standing there my eyes befell this darling breakfast blue plate special on a dress! This is a win since I am such a HUGE fan of breakfast. These dresses are terribly deceiving! On the wall the dress looks of normal June Cleaver length. However, when you put it on it becomes June Cleaver, Sex Kitten! It’s SHORT, I’m OK with it. It has great shading that gives realistic folds in the fabric and notice the shading around the belt; really well done. While I was there I picked up a glammy pair of bug glasses in a blue shade that did a nice matchy with the blue in the dress.

I tried on leggings and tights and it was just not looking right so I decided vampy expanses of leg was gonna work, but I needed a good shoe! And I remembered Hoorenbeek had those wonderfully customizable shoes just waiting to play up this dress. I like that these shoes will do a predesigned look or let you go freestyle! I went with a pre done look but changed the bow and ankle strap so that I didn’t look like I had been prancing around in egg yolk! Since this look had taken on such a funky feel I decided to go full out and throw on a black kitty stole from Honey Kitty to close out the look. I could say some very naughty things here. I will instead say cute stole if not a bit wonky how it sits. There is also a matching bag but that took the look to a whole new and entirely odd place! Good thing I skipped the bag.

My hair is from House of Heart and I thought the fun little curlicues played well with the look. I did have to tint the hair up a bit as Sheltered’s brunette is not quite dark enough for me and thankfully it tints well! Alas my skin is not an ‘H’ as I couldn’t find a store that started with my letter, so if you know one let me know! What I did instead was wear one in a honey skin tone and this one is from Chai and has lovely leg definition so all is well. Stacie will be up tomorrow with a triple shot of letters. See you all in a few days!

Wearing ~

Earring – Sterling Butterfly earrings from Illusions (again I was as close as I could come…)
Glasses – Blue Bugeye Glasses from Heartattack & Vine
Stole – Cat muffler from Honey Kitty
Dress – Breakfast in Bed from Heartattack & Vine
Ring – Organic ring from House of Heart
Shoes – Stiletto from hoorenbeek

Pictures taken at Blonde

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