Beautiful Bebae


Unless you have been under a rock, you know that Bebae has a new line of skins, Belina. I am not one to typically blog skins, I leave it up to the hardcore skin addicts, but I have been bowled over by the amazing line Torie Senne has unleashed on the grid.

I went over to Bebae when Torie released Anael and after about 30 minutes I chose a skin. Over the next week or so after my purchase I realized I had scarcely taken the skin off. This is big for me. I am one who just can’t make up her mind and I am constantly changing. This skin had actually tied me down to the point I had to go and purchase another. I will give credit when I think credit is due so I sent a message off to Miss Torie telling her she had knocked my socks off essentially.

And now here I am with the new skin in hand and a glowing review as I don’t which of her two recent releases I can say I love more! From Torie, she told me that she had revised the skin tones for Belina and given you the option of skin with or without lashes. She also worked on the overall aesthetic of the skin giving it a much more realistic appearance. And can I mention the wonderful smattering of moles and freckles. Here is a look at the Cara skin tone and several makeup options. I am over the moon about them all and me does love the shiny lips! It would be my suggestion to head over to Bebae and grab the demos and have a good look for yourself!

 Nudies below… (I know you never see this from me, that’s how impressed I am with the skin)


Cara Skin Tone


Cinna Skin Tone 

Cinna Skin Tone


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