L is for…Life


SLife: The new frontier
These are the voyages of Cerrie Janus
Her continuing mission
To explore strange new looks
To seek out new shops and new sims
To boldly wear what no one has worn before (que theme music)

Yes, I’m totally a Trekkie, I have my mother to thank for that but now that I think of it, Dad watched it alot too. Not saying I go to conventions or speak Klingon or anything but I appreciate the creativity of the show. What does any of this have to do with fashion? Well not a thing, it was just fun to do it! It does however make me think of the amazing creatures at Sculptie Island. As you meander around (and don’t forget the floating islands) you run across all manner of animals and dinosaurs; wonderfully done and textured. So as I stood in my very earthy outfit Sculptie Island was the first place I thought to visit.


The look started with a random shop I visited around Christmas time. Ladybird has a tiny store front with a small selection of clothes. They had given out a cute outfit and that is why I had originally gone. As I was waiting for things to rez I saw several nicely textured sweaters and on an impulse I got one. As it turns out it’s a very nicely created sweater. It has a nice generous neck cuff and it comes with 2 different waist pieces (neither of which I am wearing, couldn’t make them work with the jacket). I just dug the color combinations of the stripes and the fact that it looked like my Aunt Tessie knitted it while watching her stories.


After I decided on my top I headed over to Lookr . I have been here as part of several hunts and had grabbed a few demos in the past but this was the first time I really spent time looking at the clothing in depth. I’m quite impressed actually. Nice texture work and I’m a fan of good shading and well it’s all here. I tried the demo for their jeans and instantly knew I had to have them. (My one complaint…please tell us what color the demos are!) The clothes are really quite affordable as well! I loved the color of the demo but as I said it didn’t tell me what that was and none of them really looked like what I was wearing so after a bit of hemming and hawing I decided on black and bingo it was the demo color! I really like the pockets, the bold stitching and the several leg prim options. They have a great overall look and I’m happy to report no butt crack! I’m not a fan of the giant Lookr patch on the back waistband but oh well, one goes on living.


While I was there I also got this Shiny jacket in tan. I thought it pulled out the muted tones of the sweater and the stitching of the pants perfectly. I had to email Adam about the collar as it seemed it’s no mod but in fact it’s two pieces and needs to be modified individually. *Note I didn’t know this until after the pictures so I have not had a chance to try and modify the neck. my look is very solid and there is quite a bit of weight on my top half so I dug about in my inventory and I found these great boots from Lazy Places. This was an amazing hunt gift and they are the perfect color. My hair I got at Little Heaven I did tint it a bit as I do like a very dark brown and the skin is from Laqroki! And last but not least I have eyes from a friend of a friend. Lano Ling makes some beautiful eyes they are very realistic and I love the sparkle they have. I am wearing quicksilver and They are just so very pretty! I’ll be back tomorrow with ‘M’. Happy Friday everyone.

Wearing ~

Hair – Isabelles2_BurnBrown from Little Heaven
Skins -Jasmin 01 Peach from Laqroki
Eyes – quicksilver – medium from Eyes by LL
Earrings – Signature earring, silver from Lassitude & Ennui
Sweater – Sweater*01 2Type_Brown from Ladybird
Jacket – Shine in Tan from LOOKR
Jeans – Stitched Up in Black from LOOKR
Shoes – Jax Boots from LazyPlaces

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