M is for…Mix n Match


This one was hard for me, I just couldn’t decide what to wear. There are so many great shops that start with ‘M’ that I wish I could have just animated a stream of things I had but weren’t necessarily looking right together. I finally landed on a fave and bring it to you this beautiful Saturday morning! There were a few store I new I HAD to include so I am going to start at the top and work my down.


The top being my hair. There is no one that creates hair so big and beautiful as Mirai Shan of Mirai Style. I feel utterly glamorous when I where one of her wigs! They aren’t quite bouffant but they are big and bold and make a huge statement. The textures and color ranges also certainly have a color for everyone! Moving on down my skin is from Mia. Lovely and soft, the lips are the perfect combination of pucker and pout and the overall skin is smooth and beautiful. My jewelry is from Miam Miam and I really wish this shop would resurface. It’s part of GLAM and as everyone knows they are in a state of rebuild but I am getting anxious, it’s been months since they have been open and it never fails I think of the perfect something from there when putting outfits together and they are closed. Miam jewelry is touch metal change and the gems always shine like the day is bright. I have a great many set and have found them easy to adjust and pair with all manners of looks.


The top was a new addition as it was looking like I was gonna be all in one designer and I wanted to mix it up more than that. Mischief provided this adorable top with sculpted and flexi parts. It also comes with a stomach attachment that is a flexi swath of lace but the felt the midriff baring top suited the look better. I love the subtle shine of the satin top and it’s a homerun with every layer you can imagine! The belt is not from an ‘M’ store but it fit the pants and the look so I had to include it. It’s part of a group gift from Hexed that was given out mid summer, I believe, last year. Love the work on the belt!


Moving on down I have sparkling pants from Mimikri. Now there is one thing about these pants I’m not loving. There is something weird going on in the front it is either some shape stretching or they don’t like the body mesh but it gives the appearance of saggy crotch and well it’s kind of unbecoming. I tried to see if it was a slider setting on the pants and they are no mod. This is a big hairy deal for me. Simply put it is ridiculous to make a system layer no mod, in fact no mod anything is ridiculous in my mind. So frustrating and though I like these pants in general I may haveto wear something longer in the future as this saggy area is rather annoying to me. The final stop on this trip is my shoes. I would say one of the most well known ‘M’ designers on our grid Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya. Maitreya does amazing things for our feet and these patent leather heels called Virtue that I believe were and exclusive to the Shoe Fair in 2008. They are sexy and I love all the little peek holes. Added the perfect finish to my outfit. Stacie will be up tomorrow. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

Wearing ~

Earrings & Necklace – Diamond Heart & Key Necklace and Diamond Studs from Miam Miam
Top – Senorita from Mischief
Pants – Star/Sequin Pants candy from Mimikri
Belt – Striped Halterneck Dress – Black Leather Belt from Hexed
Shoes – Black Patent Virtue from Maitreya

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