O is for…Ornamental


As I’m sure you have all heard Shir Dryke of Ornamental Life is in desperate need of a heart transplant. No one likes to see their friends fall on hard times and there has been a movement started, called Heart of Love,  in the hopes that enough funds can be raised to get Shir the medical attention she so desperately needs. Though I am not a creator in any sense of the word the one thing I can do is promote her shop in hopes that even a few of my readers will find their way over and purchase a few things because every little bit will help. I was lucky enough to get ‘O’ and it’s the perfect opportunity to show you some of Shir’s great work.


I started the look off with the black turtle neck dress. You get a few options with each dress which includes a couple skirt lengths and pants lengths. All are pretty short but somehow it just works with this outfit. Black is always rather a tricky texture to make unless it’s a patterned fabric, but she does a nice job of adding highlights to give the outfit shine and depth. Part of the outfit is the hat/hair combo that has texture change options on the little badges. I did tint the hair up a bit as it seemed really red to me but I couldn’t get it the shade I am used to so more red than brown for me this time around. On top of the dress I added the Little Karma top in this brilliant green. That is one of my favorite things about Shir’s work, she loves color. I have the fatpack of this particular top and when I saw that bright happy green I knew I found my color. It comes with the high waist belt and the bangle bracelets, yay for accessories.


To the outfit I added some lace top stockings from Opium‘s Le Burlesque collection, I felt it added a little sexiness and reminded me of how the 90’s. I was having a horrible time trying to find shoes and was about to give up hope when I searched one last word in hopes of finding something…BINGO! Enter Original Sin. This is a men’s shop but the shoes are unisex and I was stunned but the great sculpted items on display. I though of a few guys that should head over and post the heck out of the amazing masks for sale. Amazing and I checked all those out in depth before moving on to the shoes, so you know they had to be good! This style is a cross between something skater and trainer and I echoed the green color of my shirt in the shoes. They have a great resizing menu but there was a little confusion with the shoe base that I am still not really sure about so be prepared for some adjusting!


Wearing ~

Earrings – White Double Design Ornament Earrings from Bonita’s
Dress – Back To School in blackboard includes hat with hair from Ornamental Life
Top – Little Karma in Fresh from Ornamental Life
Bangles – Part of Little Karma outfit in from Ornamental Life
Stockings – Cuban-Heel Stockings (Lace) – Black Opaque from Le Burlesque (OPIUM)
Shoes – Dyson Green T2 from Original Sin


Shops participating in Heart of Love ~ There are more these are just the stores I could think of







Lazy Places


PXL Creations


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