P is of…Pretty


I feel like a pink and purple people eater! Well no, not people but I could sure go for some brownies right now!! This is no place on our grid quite so “Pink Love” as something tied to Gorgeous Yongho, so you may recognize this pretty spot I took my pictures as Juicy Del Mar. I just love those pink trees in the background! A lovely backdrop for my mix mashy outfit!


The outfit started a few weeks ago when I was standing in a shop with a friend and I saw someone in a really cute jumpsuit. I am bad about click, inspecting people and I found that the jumpsuit was from Pink Outfitters. Well I had to have one I just didn’t need to have to have one at the time. So I tucked the knowledge away for a rainy day; it’s raining! As stood before the pictures of the jumpsuits I tried to pick a color that was not my norm and this indigo/purple was whispering “Pick me, pick me” And I am glad I did. I love a deep purple color; it’s been one of my top RL colors since I was a kid and my mom and aunt dressed me, my sis and cousin in matching outfits but the color of our birthstones. It was cute at the time! I’m a fan of this jumpsuit for sure. I like the pocket details and the interesting denim texture. The leg prims are easily modified and all of that just makes for wise spending on my part.


For a shirt I tried on tops at quite a few ‘P’ shops. I was losing hope that I would find something that would compliment the purple when at last I found a perfect top at Pixel Dolls. This white boatneck sweater is part of the Laundry Collection and comes in a longer and cropped version. The super bonus is that I had nothing like this in my inventory and I am pleased as punch that it was on sale! I love the look that was shaping up but my neck felt bar and open so after a bit of digging I put the collar piece of the Paper Couture Falling Leaves outfit on and it is the perfect accent piece. Not only do the colors echo in varying saturation and hue of the jumpsuit but the buttons also tied it nicely.


It was further meant to be when I put on my favorite hairstyle from Philotic Energy and discovered the hair flowers were tinted a lovely pink color as well. My skin is from Popfuzz and I think it is truly an overlooked gem on the grid. She has some wonderful skin tones and the eyebrows are very nicely done and realistic! For shoes I wanted something from Pixel Modeas I keep seeing shoes from there around the grid and I was liking what I was seeing. I went at had a look and felt a bit overwhelmed the evening I was there when what should land in my inventory a few days later but a group gift. hello perfect ankle boots. Could these have been any more perfect for the outfit? They are menu driven and you can add or remove some of the decorative elements and resize. And lastly I have earrings from Prinny’s Primsand if you have not been you should head over. She has some really lovely jewelry sets and at very reasonable prices! The doozy letter is up tomorrow. Check back then!

Wearing ~

Hair – Niela Black from Philotic Energy
Earring – Diamond MultiPierced Earrings from Prinny’s Prims
Neck Stole – Falling Leaves Collar from paper Couture
Shirt – (Laundry) Boatneck Sweater from Pixel Dolls
Jumpsuit – The Builder Jumpsuit in grape from Pink Outfitters
Shoes – Toots in Rose Leather from Pixel Mode

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