Q is for…Queen


I just needed a little breather yesterday. Let me just tell you, there is a giant gap between ‘P’ and ‘R’ when it comes to stores. I searched high and low, came up with some rather inventive shop names yet after several days of looking I came up with 1…ONE store that would work. So since I have virtually nothing to wear but the few items from that store…you have nearly bare Cer.


The very one and only store I found was Queen Couture at Horst. There are literally 2 pairs of earrings, 3 purses, and 5 pairs of sunglasses. I snagged 1 of each category and think this exhaustive search is over cause I am fresh out of ideas. I go home, strip to my bare self and try on my new items. The glasses are nice. The lens has a good shine that is system so when I was moving about you could see it change color as I moved my camera. It’s just a plain metal frame but you get both gold and silver with the purchase. I had to make a few minor adjustments but nothing that couldn’t be done with RBG arrows.


Next I have the drop earrings and you get the same deal, gold and silver included. What girl won’t love that giant diamond? Lastly I grabbed a handbag that is loving faux fur. It’s got an animation included so you don’t look wonky holding it and only comes with the silver hardware but it’s nice and big and fit for a queen. On a whim I pulled up items in my inventory that had my dreaded letter in it…slim pickin’s. But funny I found a gift from Queen Couture (must have been given out in the I (heart) Starlust group. It is the funky feather tiara and when I put it on I felt very much a queen. Drama Queen, not so much, but it is such a prolific word that I found it funny. My skin is also named QS, I don’t know what that means, but it was a gift from biancaf group and I thought what the heck! So here you have me in all my resplendent accessories…no can we get some stores that start with ‘Q’ please, it’s kind of drafty!

Wearing ~

Tiara – Gold diamond from Queen Couture
Earrings – Worldy Charm in silver from Queen Couture
Sunglasses – Aviator Frames in silver from Queen Couture
Purse – Bear Fur Bag AD from Queen Couture
Skin – QS Skin – Darjeeling – Acceso from biancaf

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