T is for…Travel


Space travel even! AM Radio has made some of the most though provoking builds on the grid and as I was flipping through pictures in Flickr I came across this very far out addition to his collection at Welsh Lake. How many of you anxiously search around for the hidden little goodies that always seem to be present in his works? You won’t be disappointed here either. I have some of my most favorite designers wrapped up in this post and it’s a toss up where to start first.


So I will start with my skin because I have long been a fan of this talented lady and in one glance you should know it’s Tuli. I have skins from all of her releases that date way back and to she how she has progressed in her skill and style but without losing her distinctive look. She was the first I remember seeing add moles and beauty marks to her skins. And of course her signature lip pout. Truly beautiful work from the hand of Tuli Asturias. My outfit comes from houses of polar opposites in style, Thimbles and Truth. The blue dress is a Thimbles creation. Apatia Hammerer and Melatonin Hax are funny, creative ladies to be sure! I remember getting this dress during the initial creation of Starlust which is something of a swan song but will remain one of my most favorite shopping areas in all of Second Life© This is your mother’s sweater dress, well none my mom would wear without a whole lot of other stuff but it’s a name indicitive of these ladies. It’s like taking mom’s tired old fashions and making it into something hot! To that I added my end all be all favorite designer, Mr. Truth Hawks. I shamelessly love his work! This is the Assassin Vest and it is the perfect compliment to the dress! This is a great little all purpose vest and it comes in a heap of colors for all your mixy matchy needs. Truth has a great hand at texture detail, just look at the front of the vest and the folds in the fabric with it’s high and alow lights.The sculpted attachments are modify so it’s easy to make them fit your shape as I did with the belt. Oh and as a side note, hair is on sale at ridiculous prices until 2/25!


Moving on down I have designer that I don’t have much play in my inventory but someone I have long admired, Quinlan Quimby of TOSL (Tree & Ocean SL). I spied these sweater wellies on a friend and had to covet them and since that is a huge sin I just went to get them for myself. They are similar to others on the grid but these are my favorites. Wonderful texture work, in fact she mentions her spite for the bland default texture and frankly everyone should spite them. I did tint this wintermint colored boot just a few shades darker as it had a touch too much green for the outfit in it’s purchased state. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the option to be able to tint ones own clothes? Two more items to note and I am off to enjoy some Sunday.


Ticky Tacky is a new to me shop and is having a sale for the next…minutes? Hours? everything half off until creator Narita Rayna get out of bed this morning and goes to set the prices back to full caffeine. I picked up the bracelet and the earrings for 50L for both. Silly prices, silly even without the 50% incentive! And lastly my hair is from Tekuteku a true gem. Free Style blog originally turned us on to the goodies of this shop and it has since grown and moved to a new adorable location and is branching out to other goods. Can you say skins? This is one of the newer styles and comes three colors to the 220L price tag and so work it, I love the color and texture and the fun thrown up in a hurry look of the style and can I just say I have bang love here? They frame the face perfectly! Well that is all I have for you today. Check back for ‘U’ tomorrow…who will it be?

Wearing –

Earrings – Ima Star Earrings in Silver from Ticky Tacky
Top – The Assassin Vest [rescue] from Truth
Dress – Your Mom’s Sweater Dress in Navy-Like from Thimbles
Bracelet – Yummy Gem Bracelet in Diamond from Ticky Tacky
Tights – Holiday Spectacular White Sheer Tights  from Thimbles
Shoes – Sweater Wellies v1.3 Wintermint from TOSL
Skin – Elizabeth (sunkissed) ~ Taylor (br) from []::Tuli::[]
Hair – Drop from =TEKUTEKU=

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