U is for…Umm?


Umbrella? Would have been better if I had actually been holding one so I will leave it at umm! I had some very definite ideas in mind for this letter. Things I wanted to try together to see how it worked out. In the end I bought new things because I just wasn’t feeling it, you know what I mean, right?


So the first place I went was of course our new favorite spot Uncle Wiggily’s because everything in Esme Michigan’s shop is fun and cute. I saw recently she has put out these dresses in her fun patterned materials and the moment I saw the dragonfly dress well it was as good as mine. We are talking really simple dress here with only 3 system pieces. As much as I like the dress and pattern it just cements in my mind how much I dislike system skirts. Bah! But I still had fun dressing it up with other goodies so moving on.


I headed right over to Unique Needs for shoes cause I thought the chunky dolly shoes would look good with the dress and I was right. Not only that but these shoes come in tons of colors and patterns and are modifiable, so I tinted the little bow on my shoes red. Wee matchy matchy. This pair is a soft cream with a goldish pattern to it. the only thing I was was that the heel and sole had been a dark brown instead of black but I’m not splitting hairs. They are just what I was wanting for the outfit.  I grabbed a set of jewelry from my newly scrubbed inventory, earrings and bangle bracelet, that are from UnToneQuilt and frankly I don’t know when I got it and I have no recollection of what the HSCD acronym means. What I do know is that it is a perfect pearly-gold compliment to the outfit and I do so love Untone.


And lastly I recalled a few items I had from a shop called Ume Mode so I went to peek at the store and found this scarf which was good cause for some reason I am not real big into having my arms uncovered lately, it must be a winter thing. I look at my bare arms and I always feel cold and naked. I did tint it a light shade of beige as it was very white and it was distracting from the rest of the outfit. Lastly I pulled my hair up into a messy do that is wispy and tousled as only Uncle Webbcan do. I do so miss this store as they have closed for awhile without immediate or in the near future plans to reopen. My how the heart grows fond when designers pick up and leave. And though my skin is not from a ‘U’ store I had to had to wear it with this outfit as is just is the perfect bright red shiny lip compliment and as you have seen from me in the past I am a huge fan of Bebae’s skins. Torie Senne again adds another knock out selection to her growing inventory. This is one of the makeup options that she is selling just for a short time for Valentine’s Dayin her newest skin line Belina. (The other is a lovely pink lip) The true talent falls on the eye though. She’s made perfect cat-eye beauty and you get a true sense of shine on the all over appearance of the eyelid. That combined with the thick dark black under eyeliner and your eyes are making a huge “eye popping” statement. Another skin that is just as lovely without those addictive prim lashes as it is with them on! Deft work and worth a stop into her shop to pick this holiday goodie up. Stacie will have a post for you mañana, see you all soon.

Wearing ~

Hair – Jessica-Hair in cool brown from Uncle Webb
Earrings- HSCD Jewelry sets from UnTone
Scarf – Muffler in White (tinted) from Ume Mode
Dress – 46 / dragonflies dress from Uncle Wiggily
Belt – Redbelt from [Ranoel]
Shoes – Dolly Goth Chunky Pumps Cygnus from Unique Needs

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