W is for…Wicked


The end is in sight of our little foray into the alphabet of designers and we have some goodies still in store. I am still discovering new stores and stores I had pretty much lost track of, a girl can only remember so much.  I may not chose conventional looks or even looks that people are prone to go out and buy. That was never my intention of this blog. So here is a look for me, cause I like it and it’s fun.


I really only had one clothing shop in mind that started with a ‘W’ Wrong which I have not been to in some time (there was an infuriating incident in 2007) but that doesn’t negate the fact I have quite a few things that I picked up long ago and have hardly ever worn. So I looked at what I had and decided the bright spots were in the accessories. Suspenders, stockings and shoes. The suspenders will remain some of the best I have seen on the grid, lots of attention was paid to the clip details and they hardly ever find themselves in your body. These are just the standard black but they come in Wrong’s signature patterns and colors and they are good to add to almost any outfit. Wrong has a good selection of stockings, not so numerous but well made and affordable. I grabbed these and a matching pair in white for 50L. My only complaint is that you are attached to one layer, you either get socks or underwear but never both in the same pack. Such a shame, they would be much more versatile then.


The shoes are, from what I can determine, no longer sold though I did see one of the pre-done outfits that had them. These shoes were I believe a collaboration between Wrong and Reaction called Stompers. It’s a shoe with a legwarmer or super slouchy sock over the top and at quite cute. I wish I had gotten them originally in white so I could tint the leg warmer but hindsight is worth a nickle. instead I headed over to Woo’s and found a whole wall covered in leggies and I know I went with grey but well in truth I have no reason I just likes this grey better than the ones that went with the shoes. While I was there I picked up a jewelry set that really wasn’t fitting the look of the outfit but the earring did up nicely so there ya go. My jacket I spied a few days ago while shopping with a friend at Weird Monkey Designs. Devoid of prim baubles but I like it, and what a statement! This is a super rich texture and I didn’t see anything about it that I would change, money well spent.


The shorts are from WinterMoon and there is not much to them really but there is one thing about them I want to point out. Arbel Vogel took great care in shading the legs just below the shorts cuff so as you stand there you get the realistic sense of lighting. Very few designers I purchase from have done this. Yay for realistic clothing. I also added the skirt layer belt to the outfit for two reasons; the coat covered the belt loops making the suspenders hang in midair loopless shame and two being that it’s a skirt it is not tight to your body and it adds a nice depth and layered effect.  The hat and hair combo was a hunt gift from W&Y, one of my favorite hair shops. Her new realistic hair textures are great and you get alot for the coin you throw down, a must see store if you ask me. And lastly I am wearing pretty skin from Wax Poetic in a lovely pink. Just because I’m a bad girl doesn’t mean I don’t like pink. Silly prices on these skins so pick yourself up some or the whole pack for that matter! Now I’m off to play Xbox, have a great day, oh and go vote on a skin for me! ;)

Wearing ~

Hat/Hair – Yuki 38 L brack from W&Y
Skin – Cupid from Wax Poetic
Earrings – Phoebe II – Rose from Woo’s
Jacket – Yakuza Bounder jacket “Bad Girl” from Weird Monkey Designs
Shorts & Belt – Rapture outfit from WinterMoon
Suspenders – Suspenders (black) from Wrong
Stockings – Fishnet Socks from Wrong
Legwarmers – Leggies – Charcoal from Woo’s
Shoes – Leg Warmers + Shoes from WRONG / Reaction

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