Is It The Same Damn Thing?


We have all gotten challenge happy. I understand the need to jump on the bandwagon for a few reasons: we all have the same clothes, we all shop the same places, and it’s an amazing way to connect with other people who do the same thing day in and day out. When regurgitation of topics and outfits is a constant topic of annoyance why would anyone propose a challenge where we wear the same thing? Well that’s elementary, my dear Watson! It’s not supposed to look the same. So for my contribution I stepped into it a look that is very familiar to me. Camping! Not 2L for 10 minutes, no, like being at one with nature, peeing in the woods, campfires and smores! With an intro like that how can you not want to read more? LMAO


Long ago I made an amazing camping area for me and my love. It had a rushing river and a crackling fire. We spent oodles of time there! So getting back to that I pulled out my boots and vest and got down to business. I started with the same damn shirt everyone has been wearing. Surprise I didn’t have to go buy it! To that I added this amazing full sculpted prim vest from Algernon. Have you been to Algernon? No…stop reading now! GO!! Amazing comfortable clothes, sloppy and broken in, I love everything in this store!


And there are but one pair of shorts in my little metaverse that I just foam over every time I see them and think everyone should own them. Nena Janus is a rockstar in my mind and I love these shorts with the pockets that hang out from under the teeny tiny cutoffs. And since I am such a fan of hers I added her new release stockings to mix. These are hands down sexy and can be worn several ways depending on your desired look. I have a thing for garters and these with the heavy duty leather of them, well they delight me for sure!


Lastly I added huge brown leather boots and I’m calling this look good! have you ever looked up the word camping in search? This is the worlds most futile search ever! you will never find a CAMPground this way. So I went to the next best thing, Flickr, and after a bit of searching I found Sway Dench’s photostream with her snaps of SwayLand. And viola, campground right next to an adorable little beaver damn with the cutest little swimming beavers ever. I wanted to steal the little baby. If you haven;t been to one of her numerous sims put it on the list of must sees! Well I’m off. Happy Friday my rabble!

Wearing ~

Shirt – Cambridge – Aufren White from Armidi Gisaci
Vest – Down Vest Ladies in Khaki from Algernon
Cuff – PEACE Cuff from GeorgiaBean Lately (PoE Hunt)
Shorts – Booty-Shorts~D.Blue from League
Stckings – Ella Stockings Light Brown Brown Garter from League
Shoes – Engineer Boots Zipper Brown from Zero Number

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