Y is for…YIPee


Few things in life are certain; death, taxes and at some point in your life you will be impressed by something. Whether that is an impression of your teeth at the dentist or as in my case impressed by the creativity that I find myself surrounded by. Our virtual word, as often touted, is only as good as our imaginations can make it. By my own hand the most interesting thing my imagination could come up with was a fruit hat. Now I’m not talking Carmen Miranda but it pleased me to no end. It however came no where near the creativity of one little avatar, Ms. four Yip. So there was no doubt in my mind what I would be wearing for today’s post.


four has an amazing talent, her Flickr is awe inspiring and has a generous nature as most of her most incredible creations she simply gives away. One can only aspire. Today I am donning pieces from two of her outfits. There is something about birds I am intrigued by, maybe it’s that they are so fragile. I combined and refit a few pieces so that I could wear as much of it as I could because I just felt light as air in it. The Toppa Hax outfit has you wearing beautiful golden feathers you get arm wings in this outfit, I only wore the forearm attachments as the headdress was causing a major transparency flicker with the upper arm feathers.


I also wore the headband that had both the white and gold feather from the Toppa Hax outfit. And let’s not forget the belt that would have Wonder Woman green with envy. Now let me mention props, because the outfits are not enough most of her outfits come with a prop of some type. This outfit comes with a table that when posing has a flower in the mouth of the bird that is your left shoe. As with any outfit there was adjusting that happened but no more than a typical outfit and I believe the finished product has me jumping and shouting YIPee!

The hair I am wearing is not a ‘Y’ but i don’t think it could fit this outfit any better than if four had made it herself. it’s from Aden and with the headdress it blend perfectly. I didn’t photo the back of me but the Fae hair comes to a point in the back and it’s quite lovely with the headdress. The skin as some of you may seen in my post yesterday is the soon to be released Valentine’s Day exclusive from Fleur. it is lovely and it’s milky skin tone worked beautifully with the outfit. I love the eyes and rosy cheeks. Lovely work from Roslin Petion. Well that’s all i have for you today. We have but one more letter left…it’s certainly been fun!

Wearing ~

Outfit – Using parts and pieces from Extra Whtie Birdy Wings and Is A Bird for Toppa Hax
Skin – Fluer Lily Shoujo in Pink Valentine
Hair – Aden Fae in Blonde

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