Z is for…Zinger


Cerrie Janus: Hey Stacie, whenever you are ready to come over for the blog shots just let me know!
Stacie Pryor: Okay :) I’m getting dressed now…almost done! see you in a minute…
Cerrie Janus: Just buzz
Stacie Pryor: kk…I’m ready…TP?


Cerrie Janus: Hey there…um…you have to be kidding me!
Stacie Pryor: O_O!
Stacie Pryor: OMG…seriously?
Cerrie Janus: Well this is funny, but You’re gonna have to change I think
Stacie Pryor: Um…are you on drugs? I love this gown! Hell to the no…I am NOT changing!
Cerrie Janus: I know you own all things Zaara so I really don’t see what the big deal is in you slipping into some other frock
Cerrie Janus: And that hair does nothing for your cheekbones
Stacie Pryor: Yes, I have tons of options, but I thought long and hard about this one…and WHAT?!?!
Stacie Pryor: That was a low blow missy
Stacie Pryor: That gown does nothing for your enormous backside!
Cerrie Janus: I’m older…so it’s my right to call it like I see it
Cerrie Janus: Oh I can work my curves toothpick!
Stacie Pryor: That’s right, dear…leave the beauty to the younger one here…CHANGE!
Stacie Pryor: Toothpick, huh?
Stacie Pryor: You are gonna regret saying that!
Cerrie Janus: You ungrateful little…
Cerrie Janus: I insist…you must change out of my dress! NOW
Stacie Pryor: You’re giving me orders now, huh? I DON’T THINK SO!
Cerrie Janus: Some one should wash your mouth out with soap and I think it’s gonna have to be me
Cerrie Janus grabs your hair and yanks
Stacie Pryor: You are seriously delusional! Get your hands off me!
Cerrie Janus: I will scratch your eyes out hussy!
Stacie Pryor: Scratch this, you cow!


Stacie Pryor throws a punch
Cerrie Janus blocks it with her Kung Fu skillz and counters with a swipe at your neck
Stacie Pryor is lawling at your Kung Fu skillz
Cerrie Janus: You should fear me…I have major PMS. I am not to be messed with. I will whoop you punk
Stacie Pryor pulls out her prison shank and takes a healthy stab
Stacie Pryor: You can’t wear it if I rip it
Cerrie Janus: OMG you twit if you bloody my dress I will destroy you!
Stacie Pryor: Good luck with that…you’re as good as dead!


Stacie Pryor pushes you to the ground and gets out my hammer of death!
Cerrie Janus screams!
Cerrie Janus: MY COIF, I spent hours adjusting this
Stacie Pryor: Awww…so sad…shoulda just changed when I asked you!
Cerrie Janus spins around and round house kicks your legs out from under you
Cerrie Janus: Take that…NOW YOU CHANGE!!
Stacie Pryor: Ouch! That hurt!


Cerrie Janus hops up and jumps up and down on your sprawled out body
Stacie Pryor cries…
Cerrie Janus: I. Said. Change!
Stacie Pryor: Go ahead and kill me…you can bury me in this gown :(
Cerrie Janus: You will rue the day you came up against me!
Stacie Pryor: Oh we’ll see about that…
Cerrie Janus: OK…stop….
Cerrie Janus: I can see this isn’t going to be solved with your weak ass attempts to get me to change


Stacie Pryor: Rock paper scissors?
Cerrie Janus: You’re on…
Stacie Pryor: On three…
Cerrie Janus: 1…2…3… ROCK
Stacie Pryor: PAPER
Stacie Pryor: LOL
Cerrie Janus: RAWWRRRR I hit you with this damn rock
Stacie Pryor: Don’t make me give you a paper cut…
Cerrie Janus: Ooh paper cuts in between your fingers hurt so bad, don’t you hate wh…
Cerrie Janus: Stop distracting me you cagey weasel
Cerrie Janus: I only see one solution here!
Stacie Pryor: OK…CHANGE!
Cerrie Janus: That’s not the solution
Stacie Pryor: Then what?
Cerrie Janus: We are just gonna have to grin and bear this
Cerrie Janus: And let the bigger hefer win
Stacie Pryor: Alright…fine…looks better on me anyway :)
Cerrie Janus: Pshaw…in your dreams
Cerrie Janus: Smile for the camera Stinky I mean Stacie
Stacie Pryor: Fine…I’ll just tell everyone that you copied me anyway
Stacie Pryor: Everyone knows I’m the Zaara nut here :)
Cerrie Janus: Stalker…we know you were pixel peeping on me when I was getting ready
Cerrie Janus: You’re so lame
Stacie Pryor: Oh get over yourself already


Cerrie Janus: Change poses now…gimme fierce
Stacie Pryor: You’re the lame one
Stacie Pryor: Blue Steel LOL
Cerrie Janus: You should seek help for this delusional state you reside in
Stacie Pryor: Oh good grief…take your own advice Crazy…I mean Cerrie
Cerrie Janus: Um, are you copying poses from a movie? Well fine, I will see your Blue Steel and raise you MAGNUM
Stacie Pryor: O_O!
Stacie Pryor: Anything but Magnum… :(
Cerrie Janus: That’s right…kneel before me!
Stacie Pryor: Fine…you win…I’ll let you change
Cerrie Janus rolls her eyes
Cerrie Janus: You’re never gonna learn
Stacie Pryor: Maybe not…either way, I’m not taking off this dress
Cerrie Janus: Whatever, I’m about to eject you from my land. Good shoot. I’ll talk to ya later? :)
Stacie Pryor: Ok…LOL…see you later :)
Cerrie Janus: Hugs…bai Have a great afternoon! <3
Stacie Pryor shouts: You too! By the way…you look great!
Cerrie Janus: We are so hot!
Stacie Pryor: LMAO
Stacie Pryor: Sooo true
Cerrie Janus mutters… “Bish…!”


Wearing ~

Hair – Artemis in Ginger brown (tinted) and Auburn from Zero Style
Earrings and Bangles – Kaya Cornelian from Zaara (in store free gift – old)
Gown – Amala in crimson with less sheer top from Zaara
Shoes – Shy open toe in black suede from Zhao

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