Happy V-Day

Oh, oh! It’s ever so close to Valentine’s Day and I’m really not one to gush on about this mushy holiday but simply put, I love holidays! I have been out and about and have found some goodies. Some, yes, are from the Vain Inc. hunt that started today but most I have hunted and picked over the last few days. So weary and bleary I bring my some of my fave Mashy Lovey Dovey goop.

To better view the picture simply click it and it will take you to my Flickr page.

Wearing (from top left to right) not all items are free and those that aren’t will just give store location, you’re on your own to find if you want it.

  1. Hat/Hair combo from Hair Salon Betty – Albero sale; Top from Yorim’s Factory – Albero sale; Undershirt from Pixel Dolls; Pants from Fuse; Nails from Love Soul – February group gift
  2. Hair from Inorite – Group gift; Heart glasses from Elate! – in store dollarbie; Outfit from Sway’s Creations – Hunt gift; Shoes from ETD
  3. Hair from Tekuteku – February group gift; Dress from Bare Rose – Lucky Chair item (Thanks Tori)
  4. Hair from Inorite – Red/Pink sale; Top from BOOM – Vain hunt (Thanks Aranel <3); Pants from Punch Drunk – Albero sale
  5. Hair from Inorie – Red/Pink sale; Skin from Fleur – special holiday item; Dress from Bingo – in store dollarbie; Necklace from Ztique – in store gift
  6. Hair from Audacity – Vain hunt; Skin from Cupcake – exclusive group git; Hair ribbon from Hal*Hina- Albero sale; Jewelry from Ticky Tacky – Vain hunt; Shoulder Panda from Pink Fuel – Vain Hunt; Outfit from BomBon – in store dollarbie
  7. Hat from Grunge Depot – in store dollarbie; Glasses from Solar Eyewear -store opening gift; Shirt from Wot? – group gift
  8. Hair from Inorite – Red/Pink sale; Skin from Bebae – special holiday item; Scarf from… (I forgot to check this); Shirt form Dutch Touch – Group gift; Boxers/Briefs and mouth candy from Aitui – in store dollarbie
  9. Skin from Bebae – special holiday item; Hoodie from KaWaii Jelly – in store dollarbie; Capri pants from Fishy Strawberry – in store gift
  10. Outfit from katat0nik; Shoes from K² – previous in store gift
  11. Hair from Inorite – this is a color demo bang with a super cute bow, I liked how it looked :); Jacket and boots from Sweeter Than Candy – group gift; Top and panties from BOOM
  12. Hair from Inorite – Red/Pink sale; Collar and tie and Jeans from Sway’s Creations – part of hunt gift; Top for Church of Lux – group gift; Shoes from Ztique – in store gift
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