When in Paris

I am finding myself in the weird gravitational pull towards black these days. Darn near everything I wear I am wearing black and this’s most unlike me. I found myself again donning the dark shroud but I figured I could maybe spring for a bit of color. So when in Paris…wear a beret! I know what a cliche and stereotype. I have never been to Paris and I think it’s mostly Hollywood’s influence on me thinking I should be donning this hat but oh well. I like it and so there ya go.

This outfit actually started with the tank and vest. I always find it comical how I put an outfit together. I start totally nudie and add, it’s not always in a sensical order so let me tell ya I can look rather odd at times. So I’m standing there bare as the day I found the remove all clothing button in the pie wheel with just a tank and vest on. This is a great little combo from Camie Cooper and I wear it alot actually. Hand drawn, as that is my strongest preference, with a great fit and no wonky lines on the tank; that is huge for me. I picked my layers carefully cause I did want to wear a coat and I knew I wanted something from Aoharu as I broke my bank at the recent sale. A coat was also gonna make me feel warm as I am sitting here in the winter of my discontent freezing my can off. I beg of spring to please hurry! I love the details of all of Aoharu’s clothing. There are so many textures happening here it just pleases me to the last and I am feeling ever so toasty now.

I moved on to knickers and I had initially wanted to wear shorts with tights under them but I couldn’t find the shorts I was hoping I had. *Note to my list of things to buy when I win the lotto I landed on these great capri/crop pants from Arai in a fabulous print. I really like Arai, it’s a very simple little men’s shop but everything I have gotten looks great on a female shape. These pants are just really straight forward. No additional prims but I think that’s fine, sometimes more is really just more. I still wanted socks or tights so I dig into one of the largest folders in my inventory (it’s also one of the most organized) and finally found the perfect compliment white and grey argyles from Corduroy! I have so many socks from this store I could cloth the feet of half the grid! I moved on down to my feet and thought to myself “Ok Cerrie, let’s infuse some color you curmudgeon”. So I listened to myself and went right for my ETD buckle flats! I caved and had purchased all the shoe ginormous packs at the sale and am so happy I did as any number of colors just there waiting for my mouse and click to say yes…today is your day! I went with a sassy cold splash of teal color and I happily moved on to the next piece of the outfit.

I had snuck in a few store that were part of the Vain Inc. Kiss hunt on Friday and had a bit of a convo with my friend about things we liked and she had mentioned this necklace. I tried it on as she mentioned it and agreed it’s great. I went back to that convo because the default color was a perfect compliment to the shoes I had chosen. The necklace, from Lookr, is color change and suited my needs perfectly not to mention a great length for the outfit. I skipped off to my hair folder and the very first I scoped out was the Lamb hair with color change beret and I ended up tinting it myself to give me a bit more matchy matchy. Loving this look! Now I’m heading off to the Eiffel Tower for a bit of sightseeing and to pick up a few souvenirs. Then I’m gonna have a bit of coffee and some baguette before calling it a day. Have a great day my kiddles!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bead Earrings from Diamonde
Coat – BT_MilitaryCoat_Black from AOHARU
Necklace – Loveable Necklace – Color Change from MALT Fashions
Tank and Vest – Short Double Buttond Vests in white from Camie Cooper
Pants – Madras Pants from ARAI
Socks – Argyle Socks in grey from Corduroy
Shoes – Buckle Ballet Flats in cyan from ETD

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