Mint Chocolate Chip

I’m so behind. See I started reading the Twilight books and I can barely tear myself away from them. I have no doubt that I will be done with the 4th book by late tonight and then perish the thought I will have nothing to do! Well I suppose life will resume a normal pace instead of break neck reading. I was feeling so very girly today and I busted out a skirt of all things with hose and heels even. I can’t remember the last time I worn anything like this so I guess that says alot. 

I first went for a skirt and I was thinking brown. I tried a few on and then I slipped into this lovely paisley Indian print skirt from Uncle Wiggly. I had just said add to outfit not realizing there are several colors included in the pack I bought, hazard when one girl buys too much. It put me in this soft brown and green that reminded me of mint chocolate chip and I instantly knew what I could wear with it. That being this lovely cowl sweater from Cachet. I bought quite a few things when the store reopened and well yes, they are finally making a debut. I love the rich jewel tone I’m working here; it’s like color of the ocean and it’s beautifully done. I had a bit of a time trying to figure out the cowl, I’m not used to this sort of angle and sit so after a bit of maneuvering I got it to a good spot!  

Since it is still too cold to go with bare legs in a skirt, well for me at least, I went with sheer metallic tights from GLAM (is that right) Chloris Hathor’s store that is sadly still missing from the grid, I mourn for it often. These are great and were free to boot. There are several weights and they are tintable, a mix and match girls dream. Now tricky came to pay me a visit. I tried on what must have been 20 pairs of shoes and I was not happy with anything and since I am scraping the bottom of the linden count barrel buying something new was not gonna be an option. So with renewed NEED I kept digging and I finally thought that perhaps I should try accessories first.

Off to my jewelry folder and a pretty little choker length silver necklace from HCT that I have had for ages and is the only item in all of my inventory that I have allowed to keep it’s bling. It only blings once every 5 minutes or some such time and it’s small and very subtle. I can very much live with it. To that I put on dangle earrings from Celestial Studios when Starley had given out some amazing gifts, well I;m not sure when she did it but hopefully you didn’t miss them. And lastly a giant diamond crusted ring from Paper Couture added the perfect spectacle to my mitt. The belt was an after thought, but I’m glad I added it. I had saved a visit to DaHaus for the last stop on my Vain Inc. hunting last Friday. I met Daedalus Brink during the Halloween hunt and well he’s really talented and we struck up a friendly relationship and he just happened to be there when I went to find his hunt item. I spent a bit of time with he and fellow hunt participant Trix Noel of Euphoria House of Fashion and she was nice enough to pass me her hunt item and it included this great little belt. It is texture change from both the belt and the buckle and includes a resizer. The really nice thing is she still left it mod so I went with the white texture and tinted it to match a pair of shoes I had tried on and viola, it was exactly what I was hoping for, a complete look that was matchy without being nauseating! Now, if you will excuse me…my book is calling my name…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Eliza Boho Dangle Earring from Celestial Studios
Necklace – Tribal Flowers from HCT
Sweater – TURTLE NECK/morning from Cachet
Belt – ”Funk”tional” Texture Change Belt made white and tinted from Euphoria House of Fashion
Ring – Times Square Ring – Diamond from Paper Couture
Skirt – 19a-e / indian paisley skirt from Uncle Wiggily
Stockings – Light Tone  Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights from GLAM
Shoes – Heel Strap Platforms in Linenfrom ETD

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