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I had invited everyone to chose a skin for me a few weeks ago. I had 187 votes I believe and the clear winner was the Belleza skin and I did get it and wore it earlier this week in the Beret post. I love the skin, it’s beautifully done and the lips are perfection. I also bought the runner up skin because it was clear it was also a favorite and well I really wanted the natural hair that was on the skin so I could rock out with my mohawk.

I’m not so ballsy to wear the mohawk with a bald head so the new Redgrave skin, Leona, is perfect and it was second place so I went ahead and went with the votes. Thanks to all who voted! The mohawk is from Simply Britnee and it did tint it up a bit to match the skin hair base but other than that, it’s like they were meant to go together. The outfit I went with played to the sexy side because of the hair. Not a whole lot to it, but LOTS of adjusting. Almost more than would really make it worth it actually.

I’m speaking about the jacket from Aoharu. Now before shock registers this is a men’s jacket so I knew going in I was going to have to adjust, but I have never had difficulty adjusting prims from Aoharu like I did with this. I have also noticed that the prims that make up the bottom of coats like this are off on the right side as you look at them straight on. Not sure why this is but no amount of moving fixed it. The collar prim is also made up of several different pieces that fit together just so and well all I can say is if you chose to buy the jacket best of luck getting it to fit a non male av, it can be done, but it takes some work. I wanted it to be over the top sexy so I decided to forgo a shirt and put on a tie that was a group gift from Kyoot called Kitschy Neck Tie and I know you can purchase a ton of colors in store. I think it’s the perfect little compliment to a great many outfits.

The pants are the new leather bun love from Fishy Strawberry. They come in a handful of colors and are endlessly sexy. I love the wrapped knot at the waist on the back of the pants. It definitely draws the eye and can that really be all bad? Knock out photorealistic leather texture and good shine but it’s the handdrwn wrinkle details that really sell these pants. I tried on several shoe options in complementing colors and styles and found that the patent leather Bax Coen ankle boot was by far the one that finished the look off perfectly. Lastly the accessories I choose were very simple and straight forward. I love the tunnel set that I got from The Body Politik, mostly because it’s not the same on both sides, it plays it up a little. The bracelets are broken handcuffs, I don’t know, they just seemed to fit, LOL. That’s it for today! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th…my good luck day and also my birthday! Like sands through the hourglass…I swear! See you all tomorrow.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tunnel Multi Set from The Body Politik
Tie – Kitschy Neck Tie – Red (Group Exclusive) from Kyoot
Jacket – BT_ShortJacketSet_Jacket_Black from  AOHARU
Cuffs – Convicted Cuffs from Refuge
Pants – Benatar Leather Pants – Gun from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes – Ankle Boots Black Patent from Bax Coen

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