Redrum Doll

It’s Friday the 13th. Traditionally my good luck day as this is also the day I was born on, the same Friday the 13th…some years ago! Birthday’s do make one reflective, but more about that later. This look is really not something I frequent, but I started playing with it and it just sort of came together so I took advantage of that.

My friend Trinity sent me a TP saying there was a great dress up on a Lucky Chair and my letter was up, I hopped over and snagged it. She wasn’t kidding about the dress. Just in looking around the store it was evident that the creator put alot of time and thought into her outfits. The dress is a mix of materials, which I always love because it adds so much depth. I have on crushed velvet, lace, satin and tulle. It all come together in a great lollie dress. The skulls and all the black definitely set the mood for the rest of the look. I went for my hair folder next cause I knew a look like this needed a specific style and the Curio Obscura sausage rolls was just right. If you have never seen this hair in action you’re missing out. It bounces so comically and the fact is color change just adds to the brilliance. 

I found the top of the hair a little lacking in height so I added a top hat also from Curio Obscura to add a bit of weight to the top and even it out with the bell of the skirt. I liked the red addition of the hat so I slipped on red gloves from LeeZu and a fancy monocle from a hunt that is color change. There are a few things I don’t have in my shoe folder and that is a good pair of shoes that go with a doll look. Regular heels just aren’t right as they are too small so I went with the next best thing, boots. I had gotten these boots on a whim and found they were perfect with this dress. The ties up the thighs went perfectly with the ties on the corset top and they have two heel options included and the thicker heel was just right.

Lastly I added a doll key because the look just screamed for one. For the location of my pictures I had been trolling about in Flickr and seen the Macbeth sim and had to have a look. It’s really wonderfully done with great particle affects and tons of things to read and learn. You must check it out. I went a bit crazy with my lighting settings and I actually like how it worked out. So back to that bit about birthday reflections. I wasn’t going to mention this but I have decided to take a much needed break from SL. I am not sure how long I will be out but I have no immediate plans to return in the near future. Stacie will be stepping up her posts so you have those to tantalize you. I thank you all for your continued reading and support of this blog; I know there are so many to choose from. Be well and I will catch ya on the flip side.

Wearing ~

Monicle – Glasses No.11 Gradation created by MandyMandy McMillan
Gloves – Nif Nif gloves /red from LeeZu Baxter Designs
Earrings – SLAVE -piercing- [RED] from kikis closet
Hat – Top Hats in red from Curio Obscura
Dress – Skull-a-Bones Outfit from Wretched Dollies (Thank you Star from contacting me!)
Tattoo – Flower Sacred Heart 1 from Alexitimia Tattoo (closed)
Dollkey – Wind It Up Doll Key White from Violet Voltaire
Shoes – SIDE LACE-UP Thigh High BOOTS from J’s

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