Random Spring

Hello, hello my friends. I missed you all so I thought I would sneak in and work up a little somethin’ somethin’. This whole last week in my loverly mountainous state has been beautifully sunny, WARM days and I was actually able to open up the doors and windows and let it all in. This of course makes me wish, dream and hope for Spring to arrive that much sooner, no matter those months are by far the snowiest here! So with all that warm weather today’s outfit is springy pastels and lighter fabrics.

I got some serious mix and match with this outfit and I am loving the contrasting prints and patterns. The shirt is part of a dress that has recently made quite a show in the blogs I frequent. It’s a lovely little number from Kuri Style that has a price tag of 2 clams at current. I just love it that you see so much color and texture. The system is one piece that looks like two with a bright pink, purple and white bra that is muted by the gauzy beige top with cherry blossom print and ruffly little cap sleeves. It’s just a little bit cropped and this lends to nice tummy shots. I say the bow around the rib cage is optional, I liked it because it adds yet another color splash to the mix in a soft coral. I decided to pull out the colors in the bra top with these shiny purple polka dot shorts from Kenzie & CO. They sit tauntingly low on the hips yet bare no plumbers [crack] which is always a plus. They are short yet not so that the texture is pulled and contorted with the poses I used, an even BIGGER plus. Great texture work and the pockets on the back don’t leave my keister sagging which can be a problem for some well intentioned pants.

I wanted to wear boots because…well I have no good reason but I love these sweater wellies from TOSL and I liked the color in combination with the rest of the look and of course the sweater texture visually just adds nicely. To add to the fun I went with the tall and short versions. I did throw on a grey tint because the wintermint alone was just a shade too bright for my liking. I also wanted socks and I was having some really difficult time here. I find it really frustrating when I am wanting a specific height and I just can’t seem to find what I am looking for. My sock folder is busting at the seams so I almost never go and buy them and I finally landed on this bright pink from Scribble I like that the pair is two separate heights and have prim attachments. Since the pants were lacking there it broke up the expanse of leg with a little physical texture and the pink ties nicely to the bra.

I added my new favorite tintable belt from Euphoria and the end all be all in bangle love from Fresh Baked Goods in an assortment of complimenting colors. This is certainly an outfit to usher in spring!! The last bit I will tell you about is the amazing skin I am wearing. Annyka Bekker will be unleashing this plus 5 other makeup options in 3 tones on you in just a short time. Her new Infinity brand is knock your socks off lovely and I can’t tell you enough about it. The tummy is yummy and the face, eyebrows and lips stunning. I am wearing the Carmen tone and it’s warm golden tones. The teasers she sent and the outstanding reviews that have been published are a real testament to Annyka’s continued progress in skin creation. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement that these lovely skins have hit the grid, then run don’t walk to have yourself a good look.

Style Sheet ~

Hair Flower – Tea Flower in sunkissed petite from Eolande
Shirt – 149feather (brown) paper from Kuri*Style
Bracelets – Salt Water Taffy Bangle Set  & Silver Jelly Gem Donut Bangle Set set to various colors from Fresh Baked Goods
Manicure – Polish in Lemon! from Chai
Belt – ”funk”tional” Texture Change Belt from Euphoria Fashion
Shorts – Pattern Favorite Dot Shorts in  Dusty Purple from Kenzie & CO
Socks – Slouchy Socks in pink from Scribble
Shoes – Sweater Wellies in Wintermint from TOSL
Skin – Carmen – pure sienna – (Look #4) from Infinity

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