Cha, cha, changes

Changes are on the horizon. Stacie Pyor has left Fashion Ascension for her own endeavors. Since starting a new job in March I have very little time for my personal life let alone much time for a second. This means that I will be blogging only as I have time. That being said I am going to be paring down my typical style of blogging. I feel that people don’t typically look at a blog to read how cute and wonderful I think the particular items that make up the look are but are more interested in simply what they are, so I will be far less wordy. Without further ado I have a fresh look that has fortunately become my everyday look for work, it’s like casual Friday everyday.

I went with comfort and layers and used accessories to really play up this look. The jacket was my starting piece. The jeans from BOOM are really low slung so I added a top from Truth. I tinted a orange patent leather belt from MaiiKI and the hair wrap to better align with the shoes. I added lovely glass bead jewelry from Fresh Baked Goods it’s color change and the aquamarine sets off nicely on the earrings and the amber for the necklace. The color changeable shoes from HOC Industries are fun casual and a steal at 30L.

Style card:


  • ETD Laine – Chocolate Burnt
  • CUPCAKES – Seduction – Cameo (Easter gift)


  • Cupcakes Poofy Jacket Sleeve – Ocean
  • TRUTH Skyline Tanks – Morning
  • M * A * ii * K * I  High Waisted Belt Patent – Orange
  • Fresh Baked Goods Chicken Bone Candy Jewelry Set
  • Fresh Baked Goods Turkish Delight Bracelet Set – Orange
  • *BOOM* Gettin Low Pant  – Black
  • HOC Apparel – Sneaker Wedges – Jaffa

Poses from LAP and Vista

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