Silver Lining

I’m using red as a splash of color for this relaxed look that is rich not only in detail but stunning accents.

When I saw this top from DPS come across the feeds some time back I was drawn to it’s soft contours. For this outfit I am highlighting that soft sexy drape by placing a deep red top behind it. The pants from Digit Darkes have an amazing texture that your eyes can almost “feel”. I added a red V belt from COCO in an intricate red leather and added slouched ankle boots and sterling silver jewelry to add shine and sparkle.

Style Card:


  • ETD Torwen – Chocolate Bronze
  • Belleza Belle¬†– Smokey Mocha


  • Cihuae Silver double tube necklace set
  • DPS Cut Sewn¬†– Gray
  • DC DeepVTop Red created by Aion Ree (Not sure she has a store any longer)
  • COCO V-ShapedBelt – Red
  • Digit Darkes Developer Pants – Gecko
  • Armidi Gisaci Oxford Leather Ankle Boot – Smoke

Poses By TorridWear

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