Blue Sunday

If you read my posts with any regularity you know I’m not overly girly, but this dress couldn’t be ignored.

I have been a long time fan of MG Fashion and Maria Gherardi’s latest release caught my eye. The sculpted skirt of this dress is created just so; walking and most poses don’t have your body showing. It also didn’t make my shape look heavy or unappealing from the front or side. Kudos to Maria. To that I simply wanted to play up the lovely colors. I added a brocade patterned bangle and gem earrings and bracelet from that offered a color change option that incorporated to colors of the adorable wedge heels I chose. Oh, and not to be overlooked I am wearing one of the new Delilah skins from Bebae. Torie has again struck gold with her new line that really plays to bold and vibrant eyes and lips. Beautiful work as always.

Style Card:


  • Mirai Style Yoka Brown
  • BEBAE Delilah Cinna – 4


  • [MG fashion] Bridgette – Purple/green
  • Fresh Baked Goods  Jujubes Gem Antique Silver Bangle and Earrings
  • Marly’s Kashmir Bangle – Jade
  • Periquita Candy Hearts Shoe – Green

Poses from Poseur

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