Call me crazy but I actually JUST went to Zaara and actually looked at the sim as opposed to just buying. What a lovely place to visit.

The perfect setting for my little tunic dress. Terribly simple dress but the pattern is eye catching and has a great color combination. Not to mention great sculpted prim work but watch your poses as too much body twisting leaves the vertical pattern really warped. I pulled out the orange with the persimmon colored shoes that have just an amazingly rich vibrancy. A great group gift from Earthstones is the perfect bangle compliment echoing the jade and jasper tones in the dress. I simple gold heart necklace and small drop earrings tie the whole look together.

Style Card


  • Uw.St  Kotone – Brown Wolf
  • BEBAE Delilah Cinna (GIFT)
  • Reale manicure – coffee (gift)


  • Donna Flora POISON DROPS (gift)
  • Ephemeral Creations Heart Drop Necklace
  • anuenue AppleTdress -Yellow
  • EarthStones Jade & Jasper Bangle Set
  • ETD Heel Strap Platforms – Persimmon

Poses From Vista

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