I’m in the swing of spring as the crummy weather has finally let up and there is sun for days and skin warming love.

I was treated to some good fortune in the form of a store card from Cupcakes and went a bit wild. I snagged these white shorts that can be paired with so many looks. To that I added a pink top that drapes lovely and has a great built in belt. I’m a huge fan of hand drawn clothing. The silver bikini top is pure chrome decadence so I found it fitting to accessorize with blindingly bright silver jewelry set from the long closed Second Mirage and group gift shoes in the same shiny silver. Don’t mind my knee, walking in shoes this high isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Have a fantastic weekend!

Style Card:


  • Uw.St  Julie Hair – Black
  • BEBAE Anael Cinna – Sweet
  • CHAI Polish – silver


  • Second Mirage Ingrid – Silver
  • REDGRAVE Silber Bikini TOP
  • tres blah belted top
  • CUPCAKES Summer Shorts – White
  • Sweeter Than Candy Passion Dove – Grey

Poses from Torrid Wear

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