To Toe or Not To Toe

That truly is the question. It has been some time now since prim toes have graced our grid and until recently I hadn’t really paid them much mind.

I remember when J’s came out with gladiator style shoes with changable toe polish and jewelry and it was the craze. I bought a pair myself and after putting them on once and having my head spin with skin tinting difficulty they relegated themselves to my inventory and have nary seen light again. Now with the use of HUD’s for “Dummies” it is truly a snap to get results that are fantastic. And when toes can even be found for free you have to ask yourself are you for the toe or are you a foe?  I will share two snaps with you from a similar style shoe.

Example A are from Detour. I bought them last year at the Shoe Expo and I was quite happy with them at the time because, even now, I can say the shoe has good texture work and I was happy to see the toe split sat realistically in my foot and I plunked down the change for them.

Example A

Example B are the new release from Creamshop. The shoes themselves have a simple resize script on touch and a HUD to change preset skin colors and a small selection of toe polish options.

Example B

I have always been intrigued by the progress of technology and I never cease to be amazed at the growth of skill of our fine content creators. With that said will the everyday skin foot make a departure? I personally would pay extra for an included set of “feet” from some of my favorite skin designers. Perfectly matched feet to skins that I wear daily would be great. So let me hear your thoughts. What do you think of this little piggy and that? Are they a home run for you or are they too freakishly “real”?

Oh and if you are marking the OTHER option. Leave a comment and let me know what the OTHER is. Thanks!

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One thought on “To Toe or Not To Toe

  1. I’m too lazy to bother with toe matching. Now, if skin creators sold the feet . . . that’d be another story.

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