Appreciating Callie

As anyone who follows one of the numerous fashion based feeds should be aware, last week was Blogger Appreciation Week. This wonderful week of recognition was the brain child of Callie Cline, lady extraordinaire. What was originally supposed to be a single day of gift giving for those of us who present fashion via a blog turned into something much more!

The week of gifts and heartfelt notes from Callie, other designers and fellow bloggers was truly a treat so it is only right that we who were on the receiving end of such luxuries lay a little of all those warm fuzzies on Callie herself. Though I have only had a few opportunities to talk to Callie, I found her to be a very genuine person who is funny, warm and down to Earth. Her brand is well known and her accomplishments in this virtual medium are consistently documented and shared with all of us as a true model of what a person can bring to the table. As I went through my inventory to put a look together I found that I had really benefited from this generous woman so I took pieces from several of her gifts, events and sales. Thank you Callie for being such a wonderful lady, I hope that you enjoy your day in the sun!

Style Card:


  • ETD Tiana – Black
  • Tuli Hope prototype base skin – Bloggers Appreciation Gift


  • caLLie cLine DIAMOND DROP EARRING WITH GEM CHANGER – Blogger Appreciation Gift
  • caLLie cLine OVERSIZED cozy rainbowa – Gift from mall hunt
  • caLLie cLine signature white tank – Blogger Appreciation Party Gift
  • caLLis cLine Wide Belt – Green – Friendship week
  • caLLie cLine taRty paRty in green skirt – Christmas Red and Green Sale
  • Armidi Gisaci Barcelona Slingback – White

Poses from Tuli (Made for Callie’s BOSL Cover shot) and LAP

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2 thoughts on “Appreciating Callie

  1. Great outfit! I have been soooo far removed with recently having my second child, I didn’t even know about this awesome idea until it was over :(. Well I appreciate your wonderful blog and admire your dedication. I wish I could put together posts as often as you do, and at such high quality. My attempt would be a run-by-suckiness, lol. So YAY CERRIE, you rock!!!

    • OMGosh Bella! Thank you, such a compliment coming from you my dear. I do my best and after a nice break it has been fun to come back and post as I can. Thanks again Bella for the nice compliment!

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