I’m a little pink happy. Rose, salmon, deep pink and the whatnot. I’m branching out here and there though. There is a whole color wheel of, well, colors!

But before I do I have this outfit and it’s one of the faves I have put together lately. The cardigan is part of an outfit from a shop called Clothes Horse. I like the description in store of this phrase; noun: ¹ a frame on which to hang clothes, ² a conspicuously dressy person. I call it 90% of the fashion bloggers on the grid. The jeans came next and as you can see are perfectly broken in. A racer back tank with a nicely done sheen and I love the Fleur DE Le design. Simple flats and small earrings round out this cozy but sassy look. Quick note on the beautiful skin; Cupcakes has the most amazing skins. Rosemary and Mimi truly just nail it. Everyone knows this store but funny I so rarely see people feature it. Make a stop and see what they have, I promise you will be bowled over by at least one thing if not more!

Style Card:


  • Uw.St Serafim-Hair  brown
  • CUPCAKES – Seduction Cameo – Dark Love
  • gisele nail – princess pink


  • Genesis Natalya Earrings
  • Clothes Horse Shilo – Rose Red
  • Shit Luck Short Girly Tank Lilie – Khaki/Tan
  • Primitive Design Riot Little Bastard Pants – Dark Blue
  • ETD Buckle Ballet Flats – Butter

Poses from Momomuller and Vista

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