Many time the in world fashion trends mirror the real world. We see it, we like it, we bring in it here. That said I decided to use one item that is supposed to be “what everyone will be wearing” and use it in three looks. That staple piece is a laid-back, loose boyfriend jacket.

Now, this blazer from Armidi is nothing new but it played perfectly into the looks. I’m not gonna take all the kudos for the creativity of these looks, I based them off an article I read but the translation to the grid had me searching for hours for the right pieces and making them work for me. So I will call it a creative wash, even Steven. Since this is not my typical blogging style I am only going to talk a little bit about each look and what I did to make it work. I hope you enjoy the looks as much as I did putting them together!

Mixing it up, 9 to 5, Ahoy Matey

Mixing it up

For this look I’m using the blazer to tie a floral top and shorts together. Armidi gives you two blazer styles and a rolled sleeve makes this outfit a little more relaxed which is what this fun look is all about. The true test was to find a floral top that would work under the chest pieces. After searching high and low I found a dress shirt combo from Gigi Couture and I modified the chest piece to remove the large belt section and resized the remaining piece to fit snugly in the opened jacket. Gold and wood accents complete this mixed look.

9 to 5

The blazer over a flirty dress with simple bangles is the perfect look for work. I found a satiny cocktail dress and a low heel sandal and I am ready for work. The test of my editing skills here was the snakeskin sash belt. It took quite a bit of work to get it to the right spot that didn’t have it buried or too large and floating. The end result is definitely putting in overtime!

Ahoy Matey

The last look uses the blazer in a tailored look that has a subtle nautical feel with the bold and crisp color choices. This look was by far the easiest to translate. A sheer ruffled top and white slacks with little red accents is a timeless look. The top from Pink Outfitters took a bit of editing to hide the ruffles that the jacket would have covered in a “real” situation. Over that a thin red belt, hints of red on my feet with a simple peep toe heel and red cherry earrings wrap up the outfit.

Style Card:

Mixing It Up


  • TRUTH Jess – Coffee
  • Tuli Hope sunkissed/br natural
  • Reale Nail Polish – Coffee
  • Symphony Skins No.2 Tintable Toe Nailpolish


  • Kumamoto Japan Wood Earrings
  • Armidi Classic Pinstripe Blazer – Navy
  • Gigi Couture Harvest Moon Rouged Dress
  • UM Wood Bracelet (L)
  • Alta Moda Tranquility Wood Bangle II (R)
  • Creamshop Wood coin ring 
  • CUPCAKES – Summer Shorts – Gold
  • INSOLENCE April Sandals – Gold

9 to 5


  • TRUTH Jess – Cocoa
  •  BEBAE Delilah Cinna – 4


  • Armidi Classic Pinstripe Blazer – Navy
  • CUPCAKES Netty Dress – Magenta
  • Artilleri snakeskin sash belt – brown
  • Fresh Baked Goods Undies Bangle
  • Fresh Baked Goods Bra Bangle
  • Shiny Things Kelly sandals – Hot Pink

Ahoy Matey


  • TRUTH Julie – Brownie
  • Infinity Ava pure honey – Look #3
  • J’s Nail – BLUE


  • Artilleri cherry earrings
  • Armidi Classic Pinstripe Blazer – Navy
  • Pink Outfitters Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – White
  • Euphoria “funk”tional” Texture Change Belt – Red (tinted)
  • Muism High Waisted Sailor Pants – White
  • SKG Shoes Katia PeepToe Pumps – Bright Red

Poses from Flowey and LAP

(Snapshot of balzer was pulled from the website)

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