The lovely and talented Aranel Ah has a hand for the daringly sexy. “Low cut” is somewhere in her name I’m sure. Her new line of bikinis and sarong cover-ups bring a whole new sense of sexy to the beach.

Let me first talk about the sarong, it comes in eight different colors and two materials, sheer and non-sheer. There is a flexi and sculpted sash that attaches to your shoulder and hip. The bikinis come in two prints, zebra stripe and cheetah (Is that cheetah or leopard, I’m no good at animal print?) and 5 colors. The bikini bottoms also have two styles, thong and well one with a ‘little’ more coverage. They have little ties for both hips and the back of the bikini top and all of this comes together for some serious sizzle factor.

Aranel creates a nice material texture and really nice shading. I was happy to see that she cut them just so that there was no crazy pulling of the texture when in different poses, that is a big no no for all things skimpy. I would have liked to seen a tie at the back of the neck that looks like a tied halter as the front suggests, it may not be very visible with hair, I know, but I like those little extra doodads. Nonetheless, if you  have yet to find a bikini or two for the upcoming season I would suggest ya make a quick stop in at BOOM, there is sure to be a color that will catch your eye!

Style Card:


  • Foam The Melody l – Brown A
  • Free Speerit Kimberly


Green and Yellow

  • Juicy Plantain Earrings
  • BOOM Wild Girl II – Lime
  • BOOM Summer Sarong – Yellow

Blue and Black

  • Artilleri bead hoop earrings – LightBlue
  • BOOM Wild Girl I – Blue
  • BOOM Summer Sarong Transparent – Black

Accessories for both looks

  • M.R.M. Surf Bracelet – White Shell (Left)
  • M.R.M. Earth Stone Accessory Set – Marble (Right)

Poses from LAP

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