Torie Senne of Bebae has just released a new line of skins and in her true fashion they are lovely. Torie said she had essentially changed everything on Erin but you still see her signature look and unmistakable eye makeup.

Erin in Frost, Smokey, Drama, Pink and Nude

Erin in Frost, Smokey, Drama, Pink and Nude

Erin has subtle and beautiful features. I have a huge folder full of skin and would certainly call myself a collector and I see that most people fall for the face of a skin and I agree, it is what I’m most drawn too, but there is something in the highlight of the skin; the sheen that really reels me in. Erin, as with all of Torie’s skins, has the most delectable glow to them. It is one of the things that keeps me in Bebae skins. The chest and cleavage is exquisite and one can wear very daring shirts without the line of the breasts being too much or tacky. The makeup is pretty much exclusively lips and eyes, she doesn’t fuss too with blush which I can appreciate. I’m also a sucker for natural lips with just a swipe of gloss and Erin has this in spades. More than half of the 12 makeups have a natural lip. Not a huge fan of her darker lip colors as they look a little heavy to me and I would love to see them a little more weightless and sheer, but that is just a matter of my taste. Erin is available now at Bebae at 1K per makeup and you have brow options with each purchase. A shape has been specifically designed for her and can be purchased separately, though I enjoyed fitting her to my own. (Scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click the Flickr link to see more of the skin makeup options)

To show off the amazing skin I am wearing Fishy Strawberry’s newly released dress from their summer collection! The bikini-esque top is over the top sexy love and the material detailing is well done and brings it all together into a fresh little sun dress. Check out the underskirt, that’s eyelet lace; love love! The sculpted dress bell remarkably holds my whole body inside even with my hyper AO. I paired it up with knee socks and chucks, mostly just becasue I can and I love chucks. That’s all from me, head over to both Bebae and Fishy Strawberry and check out the new goodies!

Style Card:


  • Maitreya Reign – Coffee


  • Exodi Annah Hoops v2 – Gunmetal
  • Fishy Strawberry Pivano Dress – White
  • Chikka Design dirty girl socks
  • HOC Apparel Hocs Sneakers – Grey

Poses from Flowey

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