Aranel Ah seems to be the new ‘It’ girl and her smoking hot style is in all of her creations. Aranel has just released a jumper that is sinisterly hot and it has me really amped!

Amped is a halter topped jumper. The back is completely bare aside from a small tie at the neck and it would do well to show off sexy back lines or a nice tattoo. When I first put it on I thought it was going to be a mini dress and was pleasantly surprised to find it was just shorts. I have other short style jumpers and inevitably because of the size of the junk there is some angling that can sometimes have the back of the shorts contorted and stretched and I’m happy to report there is no awkward pull with this outfit. The highlighting and wrinkles are well done and really give it a realistic look of wearability.  Lastly is a sculpted belt that she gives you in the same color just different brightnesses. For this outfit I chose to snag a belt from one of the other colors to give it a little interest. This is a great outfit for mixing and matching and at 250 for individual colors and only 800 for the fatpack, these are super affordable.

Style Card:


  • ETD Vasha – Espresso
  • League Medium -Kate- Glam
  • J’s Nail – Gold


  • YIPs head horn leftsingle with candle
  • Zaara Kaya earrings and bangles – Cornelian
  • YIPs lune-acy neckrats
  • BOOM* Amped – Sand with black belt
  • J’s Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals – Red

Pose from Pididdle

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