We all need to let our inner badass out once in awhile… Sometimes you just need to Skream! My inner badass has been a little more prevalent lately so when a friend Aranel Ah of BOOM shared a snap of the newness that was created with her clothing in mind I had to take a closer look.

Jacqueline Cliassi is the proprietor of Skream!, a piercing and accessories shop that brings some fanciful and unique designs to the grid and she is truly a prim torturer. I am wearing 4 different pieces: lips, chest, belly and back. I tried to wear different styles of piercings. The lips have ball closed ring and studs with a safety pin in the eyebrow. The chest is a combination of internally threaded spikes and chain and sports some dainty charms.

The belly is simply bananabells and a chain. The back is by far the most, painful, if not the most interesting piercings, internally set spikes. If you are a fan of piercings or even if you aren’t but have an interest in the obsession for some, you should head over to Skream! and *BOOM* and have a look at Jacquiline’s work. Don’t forget to grab the gifts she has out at her shop!

Style card:


  • Tiny Bird Girl Anachronism – Chocolate
  • Gala Phoenix  Beach Dark  Sundust Osprey 1

Clothing & Jewelry

  • skream! simplicity
  • BOOM Onyx Jewelry Set (just the hoops)
  • BOOM Charmed collarbone chain
  • skream! ritual goth bracelet
  • artilleri deanna lingerie  – Wild Snakeskinish
  • BOOM Connect Me belly chain
  • REDGRAVE Winter Boots – Black

Poses from Sylva’s

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