I have tried out a few of the new, or mayhaps just new for me, shops that I know get alot of blog time. Sometimes you just need to see for yourself what all the hype is about for yourself.


 &bean is tucked away on the Cupcakes sim and after slurl hunting the Internet I finally crossed it’s threshold. Skins, some clothes, not terribly much but they are well done. I’m still up in the air about the skins, not sure about those brows. I snagged the ever so tight high waisted jeans and called my trip good. They had a very retro feel for me so I packaged them up with a taste of 50’s flare. The tops is part of a dress I spotted at the Albero sale and I have to say it is impeccably done, I can’t complain about anything, not even the straps. The dress is adorable on it’s own but I loved the colors so much I paired it here.


The yellow felt sunny so I pulled that out in the form of a hibiscus flower, nail polish and stilettos. I added the knuckle rings on a fluke and I like how it turned out. I am wearing group gift skin from Cupcakes. I love the freckles and the eyes, jury is still out on the mouth, the upper lip feels a little undefined to me or too light, it might be my lighting setting. Non the less it’s a nice enough skin the coloring on the underneath side of the arms is a little intense and could use a little more definition in my book. One girls opinion. And beggars can’t be choosers when it’s a free skin, right?

Style Card:


  • [Shag] Coy – Chestnut
  • *CUPCAKES – Enchanted Sienna Daisy freck
  • CHAI Polish – Lemon!


  • *G Field* Hibiscus Hair Clip -Yellow
  • *BOOM* Onyx Jewelry Set – Earrings only
  • Doppelganger Inc. Junebug Dress Nantucket Madras
  • *ICED* Star 3 Finger Rings  – Hotpink
  • &Bean Pull up to the bumper – Dark
  • Maitreya Slinky Stilettos – Yellow

Poses by Sugar Mill

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