I had the pleasure of meeting an incredibly talented creator the other night and we got to talking about things on the horizon. Clothing seems to be the goal and well, I have plenty to say about that. Specifically we had been talking about, yes, jeans! A clothing item near and dear to my heart. He was unhappy with the choice of men’s jeans out there and decided that if he couldn’t find what he wanted he would make his own and I have to say for his first go round they turned out really well. Since I have a penchant for all things denim and I was happy to share some of my views with him on this ripped, torn, dirty, low slung and wrinkled topic.

I have written about this before and anyone who has seen my Flickr or read my blog you will know I am a girl who takes pleasure in the comfy fit of a pair of jeans any day over that of a dress. You could call me a tom boy at heart. So I went to my jeans folder, methodically sorted into wash colors and styles and picked out some of my most favorite jeans. I have a few that are relics of my early days where leg prims were unheard of, but my bread is butterd on the right side now and nothing sort of at least one good pair of sculpted leg prims will do. So I am doing a bit of a count down. I have 15 pairs of jeans that I could not live without. I have a clear winner in my mind but truly, these are all winners for me cause…just because. Let’s leave it at that. In fairness I am only going to write one line about each jean and why I love them and then give you some of the specifics about what you will find in the folder if you buy them. Two lines, TOPS! On we go…

Oh, one more thing, this is the longest blog post I have ever done simply due to the pictures. 15 pictures is alot and my picture meshing skills are novice at best, so If I take up a HUGE area on some feed, I apologize profusely. Additionally, if I stated in the facts that there was more than one style of leg prim I am showing them in the snaps.

#15 Digital Knickers – Lip Service Jeans (Rock Me)

Nice jeans, vibrant color and decent texture, I am not a huge fan of branding jeans but understand how it goes. You will get 1 pants and 2 sets of leg prims, skinny and regular.

#14 Chicaholic – Distressed Jeans with Cuffs

Top notch rips and tears, the legs prims are smart as they have a lighter shade of denim like real jeans have, nice small pockets and no giant branding name on the leather tag. You will get 1 pants layer and 1 set of leg prims.

#13 amerie Naughty – Naughty Pants white

Love the bright white grey of these and the flared leg cuff, however the “Naughty” gets a bit lost and the leg prims, though they have a resize script, cannot be recolored. You will get pants and underwear layers and 1 set of leg prims.

#12 FreeSoul – Julia dark Jeans

One of my favorite color of jeans, super saturated dark blue, and I think hidden buttons are nice and make great jeans for tucked in shirts. You will get 1 pants layer and 1 set of leg prims.

#11 Kari – The Rebel Jean

Beautifully done handrawn jeans with nice detail on the leg prims and they fit perfectly over sneakers! You will get 1 pants layer and 2 sets of leg prims, small and large.

#10 Argrace – Ladies 3-Way Denim Pack

100% photo-realistic and man alive do they do amazing things for your butt! You will get 3 pants layers, bootcut, skinny and Sabrina (capri)and 3 sets of leg prims to match pant styles. *Capris obviously not shown

#9 LF Fashion – LF Trusty Jeans Dark

One of my oldest pair of jeans that still kicks ass, I do wish they had a sculpted leg for the bootcut style but one does ok with heels and these jeans. You will get pants and underwear layers and 3 sets of leg prims, skinny, regular and regular for heels. (Breaking the rules but upon visiting the store I see that it is undergoing a facelift and many of the clothes in the store with be redone, mayhaps my jeans will get their sculpted leg prims after all?!)

#8 Dutch Touch – Jeans Ripped Xtra Dark

Handrawn texture with a great striation pattern, perfect details in the form of pockets, belt loops and tears; the prims are a little odd in that they are REALLY long and when you walk and bend your knees they stick out, but are easily enough scaled down. You will get pants and underwear layers and 2 sets of leg prims, sculpted and regular.

#7 Primitive Design – Riot Little Bastard Pants dark blue

One of the only pair of jeans that has the belt on the jeans that does not look cheesy and well…drawn on, plus they have just the right amount of dirty, rips, patches and paint to make em good! You will get 2 pants layers, a more clean and more Xtreem dirty version and 1 set of leg prims.

#6 Maitreya – BF Jeans #08

Hallelujah for jeans that are utterly broken in and have a kick ass belt included, the only reason these didn’t make my top 5 is because they do weird things to your butt and I think that is because they are meant to look like your boyfriends jeans, still love em!! You will get 1 pants layer, 2 belts, with and without resize script and 2 sets of leg prims, a more tapered look and the other and more loose wide look.

#5 League – Ripped 78s black

There is little that Nena Janus makes that I don’t love and her jeans and shorts are some of the best, these ripped up pants do feel a little flat to me though so they come in at #5. You will get 2 pants layers skinny and turned up (or cuffed) and 1 underwear in skinny and 2 sets of leg prims that match the pant styles.

#4 *COCO* – Loose Style Denim oxford blue

Now these were a seriously hot button item when they came out cause they are open but hello clever and awesome belt idea! You will get 2 pants layers, with and without visible underwear and 2 sets of leg prims, skinny and regular.

#3 Redgrave – Jeans Used Look #2 in blue

Men’s and perfect in my book, they have absolutely the most perfect rolled cuff and I love the overall look and texture, superior ass hugging love! You will get 1 pants layer and 1 set of leg prims.

#2 – Designer Jeans

New store so it has to say something if it is this high on my list so soon after getting them, it’s all in the details! You will get pants and underwear layers and 6 set of leg prims (God love em), bootcut, bootcut for flats, cuffed, cuffed for flats, flared, flared for flats, skinny and skinny for flats. (I am showing all styles of prims in the snaps, 4 different styles.)

And the moment you have all been waiting for…hopefully you’re still reading! Can I get a drum roll Ed?

#1 *BOOM* Gettin Low V2 indigo

Yes, yes, I am in love with Aranel Ah, secrets out, but really these are super sexy jeans with the grids best leg prims cause they are big and flared and perfect with sneakers and yes the perfect amount of assage in these little jewels! You will get 1 pants layer and 1 set of leg prims.


Style Card:


  • [Shag] Coy – Coffee
  • Curio – Beach Sandust Dark Osprey 1


  • [skream!] Cliassi Earrings
  • [skream] Gloss piercing – Silver
  • ~momo~ Love Top- Gray
  • Taboo Vansis Sneakers (color HUD to preference and these were free or nearly so on®)
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