I’m a bit nuts. I am completely aware of my oddities and I tend to embrace them though sometimes I wish I could calm the little nutters running circles in my brain. I will give you a for instance; my love woke me up this morning “Babe, time to get up” (As an aside, no one should be woken up at 5 AM, there should be a rule someplace) And the instant my eyelids snapped open, I started singing this song: “F-R-E-E, that spells free, credit report dot com baby” I have since been humming this tune in my head all day. I am also like this when it comes to words. No one said my noggin was a fun place to hang out in.

I have been wearing this outfit for three days now. And for those three days I keep repeating the word aubergine in my head over and over, one because it’s a cool word and two though this cardigan is “burgundy” I think I like aubergine better. My answer to removing this word from my head is to blog the outfit and get out of the cardigan, let’s hope it works! This is such a perfect outfit for me, the ultimate in casual comfort and I’m quite keen on the color combo I have going. has officially created the most amazing shirts ever and could I translate those to real life, well there would be (insert evil comic book villain voice here) no stopping me!!

In actuality the entire line just makes me happy. For my outfit I paired a capped sleeved v-neck and long cardigan. I love the earthiness of the colors has and how even odd combos of colors pair up really well. I am wearing extra wide leg, low slung pants in a great mud color. Hard to see but still there are my chuck sneakers in pink and I rounded everything out with simple jewelry in darker silver tones; the muted metal just seemed to meld better and glasses I found on Xstreet thanks to a tip from Dove Swanson’s blog. Now, I am going to change so that I can move on to some new brain bending “thing”.


Style Card:


  • LeLutka DREW Hair – Chocolate Brown
  • []::Tuli::[] Hope – Dark tan/br onyx (Sept pick reward gift)


  • Kumaki Glasses – Style –K_gs 231
  • {JUNK} Peacock Eye Earrings – Red
  • Miriel Everyday Classic Necklace – Antique Silver/Onyx
  • Striped Capsleeve – Pink
  • Long Cardi Scrunched – Burgundy
  • Kunstkammer Snowdome Ring – Gunmetal (Ghostbusters hunt gift)
  • BOOM Seaman Pants – Mud
  • Gigi Couture Save our Earth Bag (Gift)
  • HOC Apparel Hocs Sneakers – Pink
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