There is almost nothing that will have me go blond, or in this case blondish. But sometimes you find something that just spurs imagination and frankly, looks really great! So for today I will officially be a bottled blond in terrible need of a root touch up! I was one of the many that visited the new Switch mall, an extension of Creator’s Pavillion and it’s nice. The streets are wide there are tons of little areas to check out and explore and above all else, there are some amazing shops. Some I knew and have been a patron of, others are new and how I do love stumbling onto something new.


One of those I found was Beetlebones, actually it was sort of an accident as I “walked” into the sim line and went to the Creator’s side and saw the shop there (there is also a shop at Switch). I was immediately drawn to this V-neck sweater, I like when black has a brown tone to it. I thought it would pair nicely with gold and I had the perfect pair of shorts. While tooling around Switch I picked up all the goodies and such and I found quite a few in the outskirts of the shopping area by a creator named marr Ying. I would encourage you to find her area and grab the cat head masks cause they are brilliant. Anyhoo, the socks I grabbed were a perfect black color match to the sweater. I threw on sneakers that have color change options and to give the overall black and gold something to sink its teeth into deep red accessories.

Style Card:


  • !lamb – Egomaniacal – Powder w/ Black Roots
  • &Bean – Lake Betty Norm
  • CHAI Polish – Red


  • Cailyn’s Diamond Stud Earrings
  • MALT Twilly Necktie – Tamarillo
  • Beetlebones Jailbird sweater – Black Tar
  • Aphrodite Creations Lace – Golden Camel
  • ETD Everyday Tote – Red
  • CUPCAKES Summer Shorts – Gold
  • From creator marr Ying *Burusera-shirayuri*Stocking
  • Aitui 9ifni Sneakers
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