A Day for Gray

I had another post planned but awareness of any sort for cancer is worth air time. I’m a cancer survivor myself and for too long I ignored signs and had I known that it wold turn out to be cancer, well I would have taken care of myself sooner. I was lucky, I had time to handle it, it was not an aggressive type and I, for the type I had, was very young and it responded well to treatment. I’m cancer free since December of 2006 and its a fight I hope I never have to undertake again. If doctors and scientists can cure even one type of cancer, I have to believe that they will be able to cure more. Thus I am all for bringing awareness, donating and maybe helping someone who has been putting off signs. My one word of advice is, be vigilant with your health, listen to your body when it’s trying to tell you something and never put off the doctor visit until tomorrow.

Style Card:


  • TRUTH Jess – smoke
  • Curio Moonbeam Dark Beach Osprey 1
  • CHAI Polish – Silver


  • Second Mirage Ingrid – Silver (Store closed)
  • A-BOMB Wonderland Sweater – Gray
  • fri.day Wide Waist.Belt – Gray
  • Cachet-MARIANNE – Smoke
  • VG Light Tone – Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights
  • Maitreya Limelights – Zebra

Poses from Poseur

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