I have gotten back to looking at the feeds and I’m happy to see Aoharu has been releasing new coats in time for fall. Today’s latest release had me drooling, however I have a but. “But Cerrie, you haven’t even worn anything you picked up at the last sale!” Yeah, so I am gonna save my coins, blog some past items and eagerly anticipate the day when I can splurge. What I have noticed about the past sales at Aoharu is that they are similar to an end of season sale. Most of the things I purchased were not summer appropriate so I held off wearing them. I wait no more!

This look all started with the pants. They are pretty different looking, they sort of remind me of those pants MC Hammer wore back in the day. Perhaps that was some of the poses I tried out, but I digress. You get the pants with several belt/no belt options and after a quick survey of my inventory, and recent acquisitions, I went with the red. I put on a simple white tank that has the best chest drape; all shirts should come this low! Because it snowed in my state today (on the last day of Summer, I can hardly believe it) I had to cover up and to stick with the Aoharu theme I went with a great military inspired coat. I just love her coats and textures and the fact that this is a short sleeve is just perfect for a Fall look. I picked up this great scarf at Gatcha from a shop I had not heard of, LouLou & Co., and look forward to a trip to the main store. It paired nicely with the wooden jewelry and sunglasses and echos the tones of the belt and the leather shoes that I grabbed in a Lucky Chair raid.

Style Card:


  • Kin-Raine – Brown
  • DUTCH TOUCH Special No1 Caramel


  • MIEL CER Earrings and Bracelet
  • LOULOU&CO A red song
  • AOHARU Safari Jacket – Olive
  • Surf Couture Driftwood Tank – White
  • AOHARU Sarrouel Pants – Beige with red belt
  • Radikal Shoes Slach Leather – Red

Poses from pda

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