Way back I used to be a red head in world. It’s not my natural in real life color but I think it is beautiful and I would give anything to have auburn hair. Alas it’s not so and after having been red for a while I found myself gravitating back to my real life roots, pardon the pun, brown and there I have been for some time and will probably remain. I have been enjoying the 50L Friday’s put on by some amazingly talented creators and a few weeks ago Clawtooth by Clawtooth put out a fun style in a pack of reds. I hemmed and hawed and decided that for 50L I couldn’t really go wrong so cha ching it’s mine and there it has stayed, safely tucked away in a folder. Please, someone tell me they do this too…

When putting my look together today I decided I was gonna use that lovely hair. I found this cowl sweater in a soft yellow that complimented the hair beautifully. It’s from one of Ryker Beck’s old stores Lix, well I was fairly certain it was her store. I went to the info on the shirt and I was right so I decided to be nosey and look at her profile and oddly I am quoted in there. That totally cracked me up! Ryker I really miss bookclub. Anyway, the sweater is just a rich golden color and I’ve been trying for a few days to incorporate this peasant skirt into a look and it is working great today. From there I added in accessories: a belt from YS & YS that is a recent group gift, autumn bangle with gold and glass, rose broach, and gold and diamond earings that I will admit have the faintest bling that I like, and lastly a ring. The hair is the perfect accent to the over all look and I am really happy I picked it up.

Style Card:


  • Clawtooth by Clawtooth Goodbye Horses – Orange you glad
  • Lara Skins Rachel – Pale
  • J’s Nail – Gold


  • Endless Diamantes Yellow Gold Earrings (Vain Inc. Hunt)
  • LIX Cowl Neck Sweater – Freesia
  • PIDIDDLE Rose Broach (Gatcha Gatcha Fest)
  • The Body Politik Glass Bangles – Autumn
  • fuse Bloom
  • YS&YS Belt Suede – Dark
  • amerie Summer Skirt (Group gift)
  • Pixel Mode Posh Leather Boots  – Goldy

Poses from Leafy

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