I love when I come across something and it inspires me immediately to put a look together. Hail, hail it’s 50L Friday. This is like Christmas for me every week. I can hardly wait to see who will be involved that week and what goodies they have put out for us to snap up into our greedy little (or not so little) inventories. Yes, it’s a shopping gluttons best friend.

I like to change up to which stores I go to first. Mostly because I have this weird thing about following the same people from store to store. This week I saved This is a Fawn for last and I have to say I could hardly move my mouse fast enough to buy this dress. Thankfully, there was no lag and seconds later it was mine and I was scrambling back to my haven in the sky to put the look together the instantaneously popped into my mind when I saw Leda. I don’t know if I will be able to take this off for the forseeable future. Leda is an adorable little dress/bustier in a smokey grey with a light pattern to the dress panels and the perfect cut to the bustier. OMGWTF had on little bikini panties in her ad copy but I went with black boxer shorts; I love man panties. And to that the rain boots I bought an eon ago and never found the right thing to wear it with but see here is the trick, Clawtooth by Clawtooth has once again dazzled me with all things hair and put out this adorable updo in a delicious fall color that, yes ladies and gents, matches my boots! It’s Kismet, surely it must be.

Style Card:


  • Clawtooth by Clawtooth Sugar Biscuit – Delicious Wine
  • Curio Sundust [Dark] Beach Osprey 1
  • SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails


  • Aitui Gauged Ears Plug Case – Designs #1
  • [ skream! ] Simplicity piercing
  • [ skream! ] Splash of dazzle – Black
  • This is a Fawn Leda Dress – Black
  • Kunstkammer Silver Rosary Bead Bracelet
  • Linc Boxer – Black
  • ETD Shoes Rain Boots – Burgundy Circles

Poses from LAP and Leafy

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