Petal Edge

My, my small breaks do feel nice. Leave it to another 50L Friday to get my motor running! There I stood in &bean listening to a few divas disdain over the fact there is not picture of the contents of the 50L box. I have skins and some clothing from &bean that I love so I went blindly into the purchase and I am quite happy with what I got!

A lovely, swishy, floating dress that looks like petals in a soft, smokey taupe color. You get two skirt options, though I think one of those is more a shirt, and two wrist options, one with long ties and the other a sculped cuff. Either way it is pretty to wear even if I didn’t know what it looked like before hand. I paired it up with other goodies of the Friday day. I think the designers have really gotten in the swing of this weekly event and as thanks to the troves of people streaming into the shops are giving extra goodies. Case and point the socks I am wearing from Tyranny. Tyranny has blown me away with its offering and it’s non-offerings and you should spend some time, I would suggest a day other than Friday, to look around the store and check out the great men’s and ladies clothing and skins. The socks are a free gift to us shoppers and they look smart with my dress by adding in a dark slash of color! The hair is of course Tiny Bird and I have major affection for Autumn Hykova’s hairs and her textures are so spot on that I cried just a little when I bought this style. No, I didn’t need more hair but c’mon, it’s so cute!!! The mask is color change so you can work it with just about everything. Lastly a 50L from last week. Miel has put out amazing jewelry for the 50L Friday’s and they are classy and big and perfect for all things fall right now. This Tor set is a perfect complement to the colors and the neckline of the dress. Cheers to the designers, thank you for making Friday’s even better for us!

Style Card:


  • .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Autumn Leaves – Dragees
  • *CUPCAKES Daydream – Cameo


  • &Bean – If I had  heart  – Mole
  • .::Tyranny Designs::. South for the winter socks – Goose
  • ETD Kristin Booties – Thulian

Poses from LAP

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