I am sort of stuck in this muted mood. I think perhaps the weather in my fine state has something to do with that. What the weather does allow me is to pull out all my snuggly scarves, from that alone I can handle the gloom. I have scarves for every occasion, including sleeping. I have a fixation on mass transportation. I am a regular rider of the bus and would love to visit New York or London. So when I stumbled upon this store that has it’s landing point in an underground subway station I knew I would have to come back and snap some pictures.

I received this lovely fluffy scarf from Niniko as a group gift and it is like so many that I own in real life. Soft and long enough for a few good wraps around the neck with the right amount of fringe. It paired up nicely with the argyle sweater in grey and periwinkle. I like the short sleeve look of a sweater and this with the sculpted sleeves and waist attachment give it the perfect amount of roomy comfort. Being it not a traditional frumpy sweater I thought shorts would be good and gave me a change to pull on some of my favorite socks. And just in case there was still a chill from mostly bare legs, fur-lined leather boots should banish that.

Style Card:


  • Jasmine.2 – Timid Brown
  • [ATOMIC] Skin Faith Honey – Natural
  • CHAI Polish – Red


  • Prinny’s Diamond Horseshoe Earrings
  • “NINIKOBOY” muffler – Blue
  • *ARAI* Argyle knit_brown
  • Illusions Cord Wraps
  • Safari Shorts – Gray
  • ~Scribble~ Slouchy Socks – Blue
  • *ordinary*  Mouton boots (005)
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