It has been so long since I have posted a blog on my sight I forgot quite a few of the steps. There is of course that adage about riding bikes or horses or some such thing but I don’t really think anyone is here to listen to me talk. I will say I have kept up with the blogs in my long absence and there is alot of fresh blood out there and new creators. It’s wonderful to see newness coming out. Today’s outfit is just me breaking out of my holiday colors and if you saw me around the grid at all over the last month you know I go full-out with the Christmas garb, so this deliciously bright and earthy colored outfit is my Hallelujah Chorus to Christmas.

I have for as long as I can remember been a fan of BettiePage Voyager’s wonderfully created clothing, hair, home decorations and what nots. I made it very, very, very late to the autumn festival on the Drowsy sim but there were still goodies set out and I snatched up this amazing top and tights compliments of the BP* cabin on the train. I don’t know why I am so drawn to these tops with buttons that are strained and popping (it irks me in RL to no end) but I find them utterly adorable. The skirt was a recent purchase so that I could participate in the Winter Stamp Rally and I love the length of it. Shiny boots, a most generous Christmas gift from J’s, round out the apparel. The accessories are a mix bag of gifts and purchases. I will of course gush slightly over the amazing hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth. If I thought it would do any good whatsoever I would stalk Bubbles Clawtooth, but alas I fear I would just end up banned from the store. I did tint the hair a few shades darker as I have a skin with a hairbase and I was trying to match it up a little better. That said it is perfect little hair/hat combo and I hope you all benefited while it was out. Cheers to all I hope you had a fabulous holiday…if that is your particular bag. :)


Clawtooth By Clawtooth How soon is later – Chocolate Cake (50L Friday)
*YS&YS* Bronze Flexi Earring (gift)
:SEY Warmth-For LOxKE Scarf (gift)
BP* Bottan shirts – yellow
Donna Flora BICE ring
anuenue Suede Skirts – kahki
BP* Colorful Border Tights – orange
J’s gift Laceup Short Boots

Poses from Dismorph

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