I bet there are few people who don’t own at least one skin from Cupcakes. In fact many of us probably have a folder full of them. I have long  been a patron of Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral’s, together and individually, and I was delighted to be asked to come in and grab some skins to showcase.

What is amazing about this powerhouse duo is the sheer number of skins they turn out. What they don’t have in makeup options they have in skin tones to a dizzying degree. On any given visit to the store you will find sales, ready-made gift bags with a full look (skin, clothes and sometimes shapes included) and one of the ladies flitting around. Generous to a fault they truly listen to the feedback of group members, which is a staggering 4000 some members strong, and try to give us what we ask for. After my visit to the store I took home demos to 3 skin lines in a varied array of skin tones for a looksee.

I noticed first, of course, the makeups. I don’t spend much time running about in the buff so the bits aren’t of a huge importance to me, the faces though are a whole nother ball of wax. I methodically tried on all the skins and pared the folders down to a reasonable number with makeups that seemed exciting and fresh to me. I will admit I am always really drawn to dark, smudgy eyes and deep red lips. I can’t pull off red lips in RL so I get my fill here! I finally arrived at 3 makeups in 3 different skin tones for 3 different skin lines. Perfect! Note: I don’t show bits on my blog mostly because you never know who will read it and where they might be reading it and I guess if you want to see my bits you will have to at least offer to buy me dinner. If you are curious as to what the full nude skin looks like, please stop by the store and pick up the demos! Onward…

I will start with Darling in the Peanut skin tone and it is as the name proclaims. It is, in my opinion, a very Asian looking face. The makeup is very sheer on the eyes and I was drawn to the bold dramatic lipsticks like the Magenta and Retro but in the end the eyes are what make this line so striking. Below I am wearing Canary, Dark Love and Magenta. There are 2 brow options and two different nose shadings (notice Darklove’s nose). One has a much more defined bridge than its counterpart. And I like the addition of laugh lines around the mouth it gives a roundness to the cheeks that is interesting.

For the Sweetheart line, I went with Copper skin tone (my favorite of all their tones) and had no problem landing on which were my favorite makeups. This line is similar to the most of their work. Pretty faces with the makeups that are most popular (those being the darker eyes) and then the surprise is the brighter makeups. I would have loved to have gotten them all, but a girl does have a budget to keep to. Makeups of note but not shown below, Celestial and Plumeria…love, love, love them. Below I am wearing Dark Love, Luna and Glimmer.

Icon is a smaller line and relatively new. I chose the nutmeg skin tone because I was surprisingly not at all happy with the Copper tone. It is drab and a bit grey. Nutmeg is a little darker than I like but with the makeups I chose I think it is outstanding and really shows them well. I love the eyelid crease on this skin and that almost all the makeups are bright with only one true dark horse in the bunch. I have on Tangerine, Silver and Dark Love below.

The bodies are pretty standard, nice shading on all, but I did notice that the bum on the Darling line is pretty heavy in the grey and it gives it an almost flat appearance. Both Sweetheart and Icon come with clevage enhancements on the skin as opposed to clothing layers. I would love to see a little more lustre to the skin highlights but as I said earlier, this is the most light my skin has seen in some time. Can I also mention how great the belly is? I like that it is toned but that it would appear I am a woman and laundry has never been done on my washboard abs. I think it is the perfect amount of late evening crunches and the ladies should not mess with it at all! I hope you all take a few minutes to head over to Cupcakes and grab some demos, make sure to check out the clothing while you are there; huge Christmas sale right now!

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