I have done the Creator’s Stamp Rally since its inception. I have enjoyed every lag filled minute of the madness that ensues. It has been a mix of wonderful creators and brilliant prizes and without sending a note to each creator and staff person to say “Thank you” personally I will just gush my thanks here for bringing such an event to the grid! I don’t know if I happened to get in at the right time of day or if perhaps the love of this event is waning but I had 4 attached cards and was in and out in less than an hour. I don’t believe I ran into anyone that was collecting stamps, I’m thinking I must have just been lucky!

Nonetheless I knew the instant I scanned the prizes that I would be going for this amazing coat from Niniko. It is big, snuggly and has a great texture to it, one that if you look at it long enough you can almost feel. A neat feature is that it is full sculpt and comes in male and female sizes, small and medium. Under it I chose a lovely green plaid top  that I kidnapped from part of a dress. I like its low-cut neckline however it could benefit from one of those layers that helps give a little female shape to shirts. This top does look a little flat but it’s such a great color I couldn’t pass it up. I went with a neutral colored pant and scarf but added splashes of color with pink border socks and a red belt and let me not forget to mention the amazing green flats from Periquita. Now, I’m off to look for a snowball fight!


TRUTH Ingrid – Treacle
MIEL Elo Set (past 50L)
ARGRACE Scarf / Style-B without Hood (gift)
Doppelganger Inc. Sweetheart Tartan Green Sets
Love Soul Prim Nail & Ring – Dot Clear French (past pick gift)
fri.day Trousers – Khaki
humming borderSocks – Darkpink
Periquita Kulturtant flats – Green (50L, I think)

Poses from Olive Juice

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